Can Chiropractic Get Rid of Polyps?

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Can Chiropractic Get Rid of Polyps?

Jenny needed her 5-year old son to start chiropractic immediately. She had found blood in Holden’s underpants. The pediatrician said his stools might be too hard. They were not. The doctor checked for physical tears in his rectum. There weren’t any. An allergy test was done. It came out negative. A colonoscopy revealed at least 9 polyps were growing in his intestines. Anything over 5 polyps is considered Juvenile Polypsis. The prognosis: complete removal of his large intestine by the time he is a teen or face colon cancer. The risk was high.

Despite their devastation, Jenny and Brent told Holden the truth. However, in Jenny’s words, “I decided this wasn’t ok with me. Rather than waiting to see if more polyps developed, I was going to try everything I could to make my baby healthy.” Jenny didn’t know a lot about chiropractic, but the concept made complete sense: The nerve system controls every organ. Clear the nerve system from stress. Allow the organs to get the proper messages. The body figures out the rest, as it is designed to. I told Jenny I don’t fix colons and I don’t fix symptoms. I tune nerve systems.

Holden was adjusted three times a week for a year. He is now on maintenance care. When a life is on the line, parents do whatever it takes. Holden loves his adjustments. He lies down and relaxes. I get to work connecting his brain to his body, so to speak. He allows me to work the magic.

A few weeks ago, Holden had is annual colonoscopy. The polyps are gone. He’s grown a few inches and he eats like a horse. Nothing else changed in Holden’s life other than receiving chiropractic care every week. Jenny wrote, “ We were headed down a slippery slope of so many doctors always trying to figure out what is WRONG with him. Now we are just trying to make him the best and healthiest he can be. This is the attitude he has and that is wonderful.” The healing power of a healthy nerve system. Jenny’s dedication is a blessing to the whole family.