How we handle insurance at Balance Atlanta.

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

How we handle insurance at Balance Atlanta.

Insurance and Payment Policies

Balance Atlanta’s policy is one of absolute transparency: straight forward pricing; you know what you get and what you pay for; no finagling insurance codes, up charging, or back billing. Your care is based on Dr. Caroline’s 20-years of clinical experience. The intention is find and correct the cause of your health concern and guide you to wellness instead of temporary, quick fix, or patch up care. 

Treatment objectives are created to serve what your body truly needs rather than meet the limits calculated by actuaries hired by insurance companies whose purpose is to assess the financial consequences of risk. At Balance Atlanta, we are motivated to create long-term personal relationships with our clients. Our goal is to support the pursuit of holistic mental and physical well-being for families. 

Patients with Insurance

  • Patients pay for their care in full at the time of service, or pre-pay if they choose a package of visits.
  • Our staff will verify insurance benefits on your behalf after the first visit.
  • Upon your request, we will provide you with a statement listing dates of service, charges, payments, as well as procedure and diagnosis codes. All codes, services and fees are based on the latest 2017 standard guidelines set by the Insurance Commissioner of Georgia.
  • Patients will submit statements to their carrier for direct reimbursement if benefits are available.
  • You will also receive a cover sheet instructing the carrier to apply all payments to the deducible and any reimbursement should be mailed directly to the patient, not to Balance Atlanta. 
  • Fill in your name and ID on the cover sheet. Mail the account statement and the cover sheet to the address listed on the back of the insurance card.
  • Chiropractic is subject to your annual out-of-pocket deductible. 
  • The average deductible in 2017 ranges between 2K – 10K and up to 20K for families.
  • If you have met your deductible, your carrier has been instructed to reimburse you directly.
  • If you have not met your deductible, your carrier is likely to apply payments towards the deductible.
  • Please call your insurance carrier directly should you have further questions or concerns. 

When calling the carrier,  you will automatically hear a disclaimer: “Verification of benefits or coverage is not a  guarantee of eligibility or payment. Actual payment is based on the terms and conditions of the plan. All claims are subject to review upon submission.“ Simply put, insurance is an agreement between the patient and the carrier and not a contract between Balance Atlanta. The included benefits (and limitations) of your plan were chosen by the policy holder and employer. The carrier reserves the right to reject claims, reduce payments, or dispute codes regardless of the presumed benefits.

Because navigating the red tape of insurance is confusing and complicated, at Balance Atlanta we choose to focus on what really matters, namely addressing what your body truly needs to heal instead of compromising quality of care based on insurance bureaucracy. Therefore we offer a number of  convenient treatment plans and payment options to suit your specific needs and budget. We value long-term relationships with families who choose to become a part of the Balance Atlanta community. The currency is compassion, results, and a focus on wellness for children and adults.