Stepping Through the Doors of Balance Atlanta

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Stepping Through the Doors of Balance Atlanta

I am grateful because you were courageous. Let me tell you why. By picking up the phone and scheduling your first chiropractic appointment, you dared to be different.

The world is addicted to instant everything – gratification, answers, knowledge, results. With a few exceptions (such as instant grits), nothing is instant. It takes time to lose weight, become financially savvy, enter into a committed relationship, learn a new skill, raise children, get from one part of Atlanta to another, wait for your double shot, half-caff, one Splenda, skinny vanilla soy latte…and the list goes on. Like you, I’m in the trenches.

So why are we puzzled when that same train of thought – there ain’t no instant nothin’ – doesn’t apply to our own health?

Because we’ve been trained to think there’s an instant cure for every ailment. It’s all marketing designed to sell a fantasy – the belief that you can eat and drink anything you want in vast quantities, sit immobile in front of the computer all day, fly by the seat of your pants through life (heart pounding, mind racing, adrenal glands cooking) and by popping a multitude of pills or eventually removing an offending body part, everything in your internal fiefdom will be just fine. The concept is appealing yet completely irrational.

I’ve never seen a billboard advertising kale, naps, a good glass of wine, or vacation. Yet on my trek to work, I see plenty hawking the disease and procedure du jour: migraines at Northside, robotic gyno surgery at Piedmont (ouch), veins at Gwinett, or cancer at Emory. Interestingly, at a longggg stoplight, I noticed a rotating billboard promoting three conflicting concepts: McDonalds, LA Fitness and a nursing facility for Alzheimer’s patients. Sickness is an addiction. It moves big bucks into deep pockets. Wellness does not.

Doesn’t it make more sense to 1) recognize your body is innately designed to work perfectly 2) provide your body with proper nourishment, exercise, sleep, nerve flow and emotional/mental/spiritual balance so it can work optimally 3) listen to your body when it is asking for help 4) find and correct the cause of the issue 5) focus on leading a healthy, inspired and productive life 6) be a positive role model to your children, thereby propelling the next generation in the right direction from the get go?

It’s all a delicate balancing act. But isn’t that what life is also about – making sure the pendulum doesn’t swing wildly from one extreme to the other? And yeah, of course we have momentary lapses in judgment and motivation. We’re human. The courageous person brushes off the dust and says, “Ok, what I have learned from that snafu and what changes do I need to make to stay on track with my higher purpose?”

You’ll notice that I rarely talk about symptoms at Balance Atlanta. After the initial visit, my focus is on guiding you forward rather than stirring up more mental molecules of what is NOT working. Remember, what we think about is what manifests in our lives. Mother Theresa declined an offer to march in an anti-war rally. Why? Because fighting AGAINST something yields little results. Fighting is fear-based. Marching FOR something has the opposite effect. You’re guided by love. It gets your more of what you want, not more of what scares you. Mother Theresa chose to march in a pro-peace rally instead.  I march for pro-health and not anti-disease.

Here’s a secret: I am never going to retire. I thoroughly enjoy educating and empowering young and not so young. I am interested in people, what makes them tick, learning about their unique abilities, and ultimately, with a foundation of health, bringing out more of what is working right. At Balance Atlanta, families rule the roost. Building a paradigm of possibility in fresh receptive minds can never start soon enough.

I have no idea which of the new patients will stick around for the magic to happen. Some will, some won’t. My job is merely to expose a person to chiropractic, speak my truth, offer recommendations, provide encouragement, shift a couple of paradigms, free the nerve system from interference. Ultimately, each person gets to decide for him or herself the level of belief, motivation and participation. It’s your life. Decide wisely. Health is your biggest asset when you have it and your biggest liability when you don’t. Invest in your life.

In health and happiness, thanks for giving chiropractic a try!