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March 2016

Chiropractic Quick Facts

Published: March 31, 2016   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Chiropractic is the fastest-growing and second-largest primary health care profession. There are approximately 60,000 doctors of chiropractic (DCs) in active practice in the United States spread from rural areas to inner cities. More than 10,000 students are currently enrolled in chiropractic educational programs accredited by a federally-recognized body (CCE). Chiropractic services are in high demand. […]

Life Lessons to Unlearn

Published: March 30, 2016   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

1. Problems are bad You spent your school years solving arbitrary problems imposed by boring authority figures. You learned that problems — comment se dit? — suck. But people without real problems go mad and invent things like base jumping and wedding planning. Real problems are wonderful, each carrying the seeds of its own solution. […]

Yoga – It’s not a new fitness craze.

Published: March 29, 2016   |   Category: Blog   |   Service: ,

Every five years or so a new fitness craze sweeps through the culture. Television news anchors blather on about the latest, greatest exercise programs. Newspapers and magazines publish features in their Sunday sections, filled with pictures of glistening, glowing, glamorous celebrities hard at work on the new routines. Back in the mid-1980s, aerobics classes were […]

C’mon now. You know that’s not right.

Published: March 27, 2016   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

I just read an article on CNN that the FDA has advised taking Vicodin and Percocet, two powerful painkillers, off the market because patients who take these drugs risk addiction, overdose and liver damage. Maybe I am just a little bit too logical, but answer this question for me: How do these drugs even get […]

Healthy Kids are Smart Kids

Published: March 26, 2016   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

American kids are under tremendous pressure to perform well in school. Every year they’re required to take more and more standardized tests, and every year they fall further behind children around the world, particularly in science and mathematics.More is required to do well in school beyond sitting in the classroom and managing to stay awake […]

Does Your Child Have Communication Deficit Disorder?

Published: March 25, 2016   |   Category: Blog   |   Service: ,

Does this sound familiar? With hunched backs and glazed eyes, your kids hide in their rooms glued to the computer. They channel surf mind-numbing TV programs with reckless abandon. The rapid-fire of non-stop texting punctuates every spare moment. Efforts to interact are met with grunts of indifference or snappy bursts of short-tempered aggravation. “Are we […]


Published: March 24, 2016   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Scoliosis comes from the Greek word that means crookedness. When you have scoliosis, your spine’s straight position begins to bend sideways. It can take the form of a single curve (C-shaped) or as a double curve (S-shaped). The most commonly affected area is the mid spine, followed by the lower spine. Double curves usually involve […]

Osteoporosis – No Magic Pill

Published: March 23, 2016   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

The following article was written by Jane Brody, Health Editor of the New York Times. The causes of bone loss can be related to genetics, hormones, diet, fitness level, damage from the spine from wear and tear, and auto-immune diseases to name just a few. Regardless of the cause, my personal belief is that people […]

Good Posture Helps You Age Better

Published: March 22, 2016   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

It turns out “stand up straight” isn’t just good advice from your mother. Aging experts increasingly believe posture is, in some cases, an indicator of how well you will age. They suggest seniors in particular, who sometimes begin to stoop or shuffle as they grow older, should be more aware of their body alignment and […]


Published: March 21, 2016   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Taking time for rest and rejuvenation is an essential part of a balanced lifestyle.  It helps keep us healthy, whole and focused upon what is important in our lives.  With our full and busy lives, many of us push ourselves until illness forces us to slow down.  Some of us lead such hectic lives that […]

How to Stretch Properly

Published: March 20, 2016   |   Category: Stretches   |   Service:

When you think about working out—or even see it on TV, in movies, or at your own gym—does stretching come to mind? Probably not. Stretching is easily ignored, even in commercials for gyms. Yet it’s an important part of any fitness program. Like many things in life, you want to avoid extremes. Stretching is no […]

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