Balance Atlanta offers exclusive wellness programs catering to those individuals who seek the full spectrum of mind-body options all under one roof.

With a concierge-like attention to detail, this level of one-to-one service is the future of health care.

Premium services were developed at Balance Atlanta for patients of all ages and backgrounds who expect the best with a personal touch. Dr. Caroline focuses on the needs of one individual at a time and creates a plan of action to meet their specific needs. Imagine having trusted advisor in all matters of health – someone you can count on, a confidante of sorts. Unlike interactions with typical professionals, working with Dr. Caroline means you can let your guard down and be yourself. 

Armed with a diverse understanding of integrative health, 17-years of clinical experience, compassion, and a deep commitment to helping others, Dr. Caroline allows the journey to be enjoyable and successful.

Best of all, say good bye to over the top medical jargon, confusing reports, and impractical advice. You’ll learn tools that you can implement without fuss right away. Remember, Dr. Caroline lives in the real world, too. Coming from the consumer’s point of view, if something isn’t scientifically sound, logical, cost-effective, or easy, she won’t do it either!

The combination of services is unique – structural, spinal, nerve health with chiropractic; BrainCore therapy for optimal brain function; lab testing and nutrition support based on functional medicine to address chronic issues; or headspace and lifestyle coaching for those clients who are stuck.

Regardless of the path taken, Dr. Caroline will guide clients who make health their number one priority. You will have direct access to her knowledge base gained from studying with experts in alternative health from around the world. A custom program may include meeting with specialists in peak performance training – members of Dr. Caroline’s inner circle.

For those who wish break out of the confines of in-office consultations, excursions to places and events will take your understanding of what’s possible to new levels. Clients who are short on time may opt for a “Head to Head” approach whereby health is addressed in one concentrated effort over the course of a half or full day.

Academic and Athletic Achievement for Students

Several premium package clients are teenagers. Their parents value an emphasis on integrative health care, not symptom-based sick care. Perhaps the goal is to obtain an academic scholarship or a position on a high-ranking sports team. If pro athletes and celebrity performers have a team of coaches, shouldn’t your child have an all-inclusive wellness professional like Dr. Caroline to enhance optimal mental and physical abilities? Being able to “fire on all cylinders” is the difference between falling through the cracks, mediocrity, and acing exams, shaving seconds off your time, or scoring that winning goal. The Balance Atlanta experience sharpens the tools of success for students and athletes at the elite level, as well as for those who are struggling to meet expectations.

Rock musicians, lead actors, professional athletes, and any any other type of performer cannot afford to stop a tour, a film production or a playoff game due to injury and stress. They lean on trusted health professionals such as Dr. C while in Atlanta to stay in top gear.

Executive Health for Corporations

The pressure to succeed in the world of business is daunting. With global competition, a changing economy, shaky financial forecasts, budget cutbacks, and fewer people shouldering larger work loads, it is no wonder high stress levels are playing havoc on employees. Depression, anxiety, and poor work-life balance lead to burnout. Statistics prove unmanaged physical, emotional and mental stress eventually leads to chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Not only are we valuable lives and talent, the corporate bottom line is affected by the loss in productivity and skyrocketing insurance costs.

Since 1998, Dr. Caroline has produced dozens of corporate wellness programs. While some events include on site screenings and lectures, other services cater to executives who desire one-on-one premium care with Dr. Caroline where the focus is on performance, not on sickness. The corporate premium services packages can be scaled to meet a company’s budget and specific requests.


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