When mind and body are in balance, the natural expression of health is effortless.

“There is a vast difference between treating the effects and adjusting the cause.”

— BJ Palmer, son of the founder of chiropractic

Listen to your body. It knows.

People of all ages come to Balance Atlanta for a variety of reasons.

Many seek help for a specific issue such as neck and back pain. They realize ignoring the problem and covering up nagging symptoms no longer work. When the ability to exercise, move with ease, enjoy hobbies, or sleep with comfort have been compromised, it’s time to take corrective action. A thorough examination, high speed digital x-rays, a detailed explanation of the condition, and a logical treatment plan give patients of this category the reassurance that a scientifically sound chiropractic solution is within reach.

Others have heard chiropractic may help with major conditions such as asthma, colitis, anxiety, PMS, and seizures – issues one would not normally associate with chiropractic care. Quite often, conventional treatments have failed these patients. With conflicting opinions of health practitioners, a mistrust of prescription drugs, being overwhelmed by Google searches, the level of frustration is high.

Not ready to give up, open-minded patients are willing to learn how chiropractic removes layers of stress to the central nerve system, thereby improving overall health.

And lastly, many families receive chiropractic adjustments because they believe in preventive wellness care. Maintaining health, rather than knee-jerk reactions to numerous crises, is not only more cost-effective, it lends to a greater quality of life. Wellness-based parents were likely under chiropractic care as children. Or, they have learned a whole body approach to health as adults. As a result, they embrace the option of having their own kids checked for proper spinal growth and development. Just like working out or making conscious food choices, chiropractic is a natural part of a holistic wellness regimen.

Spinal adjustments serve to re-establish normal communication between the brain, the spinal cord and the body through vertebral motion and position in the spine.

With nine years of higher education, clinical internships, and the completion of state and national board examinations, doctors of chiropractic are recognized as primary health care providers.

They are experts in detecting and correcting the Vertebral Subluxation Complex – namely the damaging effects of improper spinal biomechanics leading to pinched and irritated nerves, muscle spasm or weakness, inflammation, scar tissue and bone degeneration. The purpose of the nerve system is to coordinate the function of all muscles, glands and organ systems. Think of it as a high-speed internet system. Considering the many layers of physical, emotional and chemical stress the nerve system accumulates over a lifetime, restoring and maintaining the body’s ability to handle stress is essential.

Chiropractic is about one thing: performance.

The goal of chiropractic is to gently correct the alignment of specific vertebrae that may be aggravating the central nerve system.

By restoring proper biomechanics and relieving neurological damage, the body is better able return to homeostasis. When the nerve system transmits information without interference, muscles, glands, and organs function efficiently. Chiropractic patients experience faster healing and greater balance – our natural state of health. Chiropractors do not claim to cure diseases or conditions. Instead, their job is to:

  1. find and correct the cause of the problem,
  2. enhance the body’s ability to maintain health, and
  3. encourage patients to pursue a wellness-based lifestyle – athletes, parents, children, business people, cancer survivors, or rock stars alike!