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April 2019

Feedback on a Speaking Engagement

Published: April 30, 2019   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

My sweet Caroline…I must admit when I heard we were having a chiropractor to speak I thought “big whoop” but what a pleasant surprise.  I could have stayed there for hours just listening to you and your approach to life and chiropractic.  What a special gift you have to give others and especially your patients.  […]

Disease Care versus Health Care

Published: April 28, 2019   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Now that health care reform has been put on the back burner, maybe it is time to discuss what health care reform should really look like. Although we talk about a “health care” system and health care reform, what we’re actually talking about is a “disease care” system and disease care reform. Doctors of modern […]

Peeling the Onion

Published: April 27, 2019   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

In the language of statistics, health is a continuous variable. A person’s health can be expressed as an infinity of values ranging from abundant well-being to terminal states approaching death. If health were a discrete quantity you could assign a number to it. You could say that someone had 95% health or 32% health. You’d […]

Sugar Substitutes – Good or Bad?

Published: April 25, 2019   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Sugar…..personal trainer public enemy #1!  You might recall this enemy as being the catalyst for most of the food journal spats that you have with your trainer.   Individuals who are serious about their training program will take the time to understand the dangers of sugar (especially refined) and how it affects the body’s metabolism.  Through […]

The excruciating pain is long-gone, and I’ve stayed with her, receiving regular, weekly adjustments to keep myself in top working condition – spine and nerves in proper order for peak performance.

Published: April 24, 2019   |   Category: Testimonials   |   Service:

I have been a patient/client of Dr. C for over six and a half years.  She is amazing!!  She takes her time with each client and expertly uses those magic hands of hers to locate all those places along your spine that require adjustment.  She is very passionate about her calling and helping people be […]

Preventing On the Job Pain

Published: April 22, 2019   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

It is a fact of life that job and career can be stressful. But some occupations also take a physical toll: persistent aching, throbbing or tingling in the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder or neck. These insidious soft-tissue ailments — variously known as repetitive strain injuries, cumulative trauma disorders or work-related musculoskeletal disorders — include the […]

Chiropractic Develops Good Posture

Published: April 20, 2019   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Most of our daily activities work against good posture. We spend large portions of our days sitting in an uncomfortable chair, peering at a computer terminal. Muscles tighten and joints get stiff as we make our way through our daily tasks and responsibilities. Neck muscles, lower back muscles, thigh muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings), and calf […]

Do Cell Phones Cause Behavioral Problems?

Published: April 18, 2019   |   Category: Blog   |   Service: ,

Evidence of harm from cell phones continues to emerge: First there was the possible cancer link, and now there’s suggestion that those little hand-held devices may affect children’s behavior. Children who had exposure to cell phones both in the womb and after birth, up to age 7  had a higher likelihood of behavioral problems than […]

Dr. Caroline Comes Clean

Published: April 16, 2019   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

One year ago, I addressed and stamped envelopes. I had every intention to write a newsletter. For twelve months, those envelopes lived in a box under Chelsey’s desk or by the fax machine. Though I enjoy writing and I had notebooks filled with ideas, the task morphed into the big fat elephant in my living […]

Get Outside, Get Grounded

Published: April 14, 2019   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

It was a beautiful day yesterday. My husband (David) and I decided to go for a hike up in the mountains. We loaded our dog, Louie, into the car and off we went. It was warm enough to wear shorts, yet cool enough that a few layers of t-shirts keep the chill at bay. The […]