Train your mind, not just your body.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a student playing youth sports, a long-distance runner training for a marathon, a professional working a high pressure job, or a performer in the entertainment industry, functioning at peak levels is key to your success. Neurofeedback may help you reach new levels of achievement, not just for a few moments, but more often than not, teach your brain how to work effectively no matter the challenge at hand.

Just like any other organ in the body, the brain – when exercised regularly – performs better.

A brain that is trained to be more efficient will accomplish more and with greater accuracy. It is no accident that neurofeedback is a fundamental tool in Olympic sports psychology training. Neurofeedback provides high performers with the protocol to stimulate the brain’s neurology in the same way exercise builds muscles.

Are you ready to take it to the top?

The specific BrainCore Therapy program offered at Balance Atlanta is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds who are ready to succeed at premium levels in sports, business and in the arts. The more that is at stake, the greater the need for brain health. With increased mental efficiency, less mental energy is wasted keeping one’s composure, second guessing, over analyzing, and maintaining focus.

Fallon is a high school student and her mother, Stacey, juggles being a mom, wife and business owner. Both are seasoned models and actresses, having appeared on television, in major movie productions and in print advertising. Staying sharp by training the brain and body gives this dynamic duo the cutting edge.

Being in the fight or flight state will steal your ability to succeed.

A prolonged stress response is common for individuals who are faced with the demands of performing at peak levels for extended periods – especially in the arena of professional sports and the film and music industries. By adapting dysregulated brain wave patterns to a more normal rhythm, BrainCore Therapy is designed to promote non-invasive, non-drug stress recovery and improved sleep quality – essential elements to long term brain performance, endurance and resilience.

BrainCore Therapy neurofeedback is for those who take performance seriously.

Professional athletes and musicians use neurofeedback to enhance their ability to stay in “the zone”.

By tuning out distractions during key situations, they are able to increase processing speed and focus on the task at hand. Where time equals money, greater poise under pressure, improved recovery speed after an error, and less over thinking in crucial moments are direct results of smoother (more regulated) brain wave patterns.

The top performer in any field recognizes the need to coach the mind as diligently as he or she trains the body. What distinguishes the best from those in lesser positions are is motivation, concentration, stability under pressure, and proper handling of emotions when challenged. It is no wonder neurofeedback is fast becoming a training standard in the realm of professional sports and increasingly, in the community of executive business leaders.

Much has been made of Olympic beach volleyball champion Kerri Walsh-Jennings incorporating neurofeedback into her training routine. Alexandre Bilodeau, the Canadian men’s mogul champion credited his two gold medals to neurofeedback. By teaching his brain how to handle anxiety effectively, he was able to relax in between runs. When it was time to race, he was able to to concentrate at sustained levels. The NHL’s Vancouver Canucks, after a 20-year post-season drought, skated their way to a 2011 Stanley Cup championship. What was the difference in their training? Neurofeedback. Similarly, the national soccer team of Italy kicked up their performance by using neurofeedback and took home the World Cup in 2006.

Braincore Therapy may potentially improve performance in the following areas by addressing dysregulated brain patterns:

  • Improve depth and quality of sleep. Trainers have found deep and restorative sleep directly correlates to improved performance. Any any level, proper sleep is a requirement for mental and physical stamina.
  • Increase neural plasticity which aids the central nervous system better cope with stress. When all eyes are on you, choking under high demands is not an option. A calm mind makes the difference between gold or silver.
  • Boost the ability to focus in high pressure conditions. Being distracted means the skill of concentration is being squandered – a costly misuse of talent. As goes focus, so does one’s performance.
  • Relieve performers of being in a rut of of negative, one-way thinking. The more we do something, the better we get at it. This is called neuroplasticity. BrainCore trains the brain to adapt to situations effectively rather than allowing it to be stuck in a negative mental grind.
  • Help with anti-aging and brain fitness. Aside from mental slips, time is the greatest enemy to athletes, business people and entertainers. With time comes aging. While physical conditioning is essential, a brain that remains sharp, resilient and flexible is the difference between a short and long career in the ranks of the elite.
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