Despite knowing how to nourish the body properly, many people have a difficult time losing weight because they are stress-eaters.

The latest diet will have little impact if anxiety or depression are the triggers that lead us to mindlessly overindulge.

The cycle of having the best intentions and being punished with guilt when we fall off the wagon is a source of relentless frustration.

While teaching clients methods of optimal performance with nutrition is a cornerstone to health, Dr. Caroline takes weight management one step further. Using BrainCore technology, she addresses the patterns of dysregulated brain health that often contribute to behaviors associated with stress.

After completing the BrainCore series along with implementing healthy lifestyle habits, patients report their ability to feel calm increased dramatically in spite of situations that previously would lead to binging. Though BrainCore Therapy itself does not lead to weight loss, one would agree the chances of reaching a health goal is within reach if our neurology is better able to manage stress.

The Missing Link to Weight Loss – Your Brain!

Your brain is the key to having the body and overall health that you always wanted. It is your brain that decides whether you get out of bed and exercise in the morning or the hit the snooze button. It is your brain that decides whether you have had enough to eat or gives you permission to eat cheesecake for desert. When you head to the kitchen to make breakfast, it is your brain that determines whether you go for leftover pizza or low fat yogurt and fruit. Ultimately it is your brain that determines whether your belly bulges over your belt buckle or your waistline is trim and toned.

Your brain is the control center of your body. If you want a better body, then the first place to start is by having a better brain.

The Brain- Body Solution 

Forty years of scientific evidence supports the concept that your mind has a very powerful influence on your appearance, your mood, your stress levels and your overall health. The mind and brain are completely dependent on each other. Your brain is involved in every decision you make. When your brain works right, your body looks and feels better. When your brain is working at optimal levels, you are more likely to stick to a diet, follow an exercise program, and adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Achieving a healthy weight is not merely a matter of willpower. Neurofeedback and functional medicine help keep mind and body on the same page for long-term results.

Train Your Brain, Reward Your Body

BrainCore Therapy addresses the mental aspect of weight loss to improve your willpower and eliminate the cravings that sabotage your efforts for a better body. Enhancing your brain with BrainCore Therapy can be the answer if you have been struggling with diets your entire life, or you’ve never been able to stick to a fitness routine. The BrainCore evaluation uses qEEG technology to analyze your brainwaves to determine the best protocol for your individual needs. These customized BrainCore training protocols strengthen the brain to produce a more balanced brainwave pattern. When the brain performs at an optimal level, choosing healthier habits becomes easier.

The Balance Atlanta BrainCore Weight Loss Program 

The BrainCore Weight Loss Program includes 6 principles to change your brain and your body:

  • 1. Body Composition Analysis
    As part of your participation in the BrainCore Weight Loss Program, Dr. Caroline will evaluate 8 fitness indicators providing a comprehensive understanding of your body composition to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. At Balance Atlanta, we use the Inbody230 system, the same high technology methods employed by the the New England Patriots, the New Orleans Saints, the Baltimore Ravens, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, US Army Rangers, US Olympic Training Center, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and LifeTime Fitness to determine: Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percentage, Visceral (Organ) Fat, Skeletal Muscle Percentage, Body Age, Resting Metabolism, Weight, Waistline Measurement
  • 2. Weight Loss Webinars
    Before you start anything- whether it’s a new job, 5K race, or a weight loss program – it always pays to prepare. The BrainCore Weight Loss Webinars are a series of informative seminars designed to educate you on the science of losing weight. Dr. Caroline is going to teach you that when it comes to weight loss, you need to work smart, not hard!
  • 3. Neurofeedback Sessions
    Neurofeedback is at the heart of the BrainCore Weight Loss Program. The BrainCore sessions are designed to teach your brain what it may not be skilled at doing naturally, namely handling stress effectively. When a patient’s brainwave pattern becomes more balanced, remaining calm leads to better willpower. Just like learning to ride a bike, with training, the new brain wave patterns and abilities become a permanent part of our behavior – without drugs. These training sessions are 30-minute visits performed 3x per week for 7 weeks.
  • 4. Eating Plan
    Dieting isn’t all about counting calories, it’s about staying satisfied. The key to BrainCore Eating Plan is eating nutritionally rich foods, avoiding toxic ones, and using your body’s clues about being full to help you stop eating when you should. It’s about eating the foods that will nourish you so that you can achieve and maintain your ideal weight. As part of the BrainCore Weight Loss program you will receive dietary guidelines, recipes, cooking tips, and meal plans. It is recommended that clients participate in the functional medicine program Balance Atlanta offers to determine levels of inflammation, allergies, sensitivities, and deficiencies.
  • 5. Activity Program
    When you lose weight without exercise, you lose both muscle and fat, but when you gain weight without exercise, you gain only weight. Adding lean muscle through strength training, challenging your heart through cardiovascular training, and becoming more flexible with stretching will help burn fat, reduce stress, improve health, and decrease your waist size. The BrainCore Activity Program will connect you with experts at Best Fitness by Pharr located next door to Balance Atlanta for three complimentary personal training sessions. With a focus on developing core strength and flexibility, the major muscles most responsible for fat burning will be stimulated.
  • 5. Support Forum
    Losing weight is a very individual challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Life is a team game and the most successful teams all have the same goal. The BrainCore Support Forum is an online discussion group open to only members of the BrainCore Weight Loss Program. Here members can find support, advice, and motivation from other team members all around the world that are going through the same program.
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