“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

— Thomas Edison, US Inventor

Functional medicine addresses the underlying cause of mental, physical and emotional “dis-ease.”

It combines the objective study of neurology, biochemistry, genetics, and physiology with environmental and lifestyle factors.

In other words, practitioners of Functional Medicine are “looking under the hood” to better determine the emergence and progression of disease. Rather than covering up symptoms with drugs, the goal is to find natural solutions to restore balance.

Dr. Caroline does not diagnose, treat or cure disease. She interprets comprehensive patient intake forms, consultations, and lab tests of blood, urine, saliva, hair, and stool samples. Next, she will create a custom detoxification, nutrition and lifestyle program to support the body’s natural ability to heal. Please consult your primary care physician for medical issues and prescription drugs.

The plan is proactive, measurable and personalized. By specifically addressing physical structure, brain function, and body chemistry, this unique whole-body method of health care for children and adults is not available anywhere other than at Balance Atlanta. Dr. Caroline uses her 20-year experience of studying mind-body health with masters from around the world. There is nothing “cookie cutter” about her skills or dedicated care. When other methods have failed to treat health, her patients’ results speak for themselves.

Based on a patient’s needs, the functional medicine approach at Balance Atlanta may include:
  • Laboratory health screenings using vendors who offer the most comprehensive assessments at the best price and with the most detailed reports. The labs include, but are not limited to: male and female hormones; neurotransmitters; genetic testing; wheat and gluten sensitivity; allergy testing for food, additive, and mold sensitivities; chemical and mixed heavy metal testing; stool testing for yeast, fungi, ova, worms, and parasites; micronutrient and mineral deficiencies; intestinal permeability; neurological, hormonal and joint autoimmune reactivity; diabetes; and blood brain permeability.
  • Comprehensive bioscreen panels to assess blood sugar, cardiovascular health, the immune system, electrolyte balance, anemia, thyroid function, lipids, liver and gallbladder health, urinalysis. The thyroid section in this panel is carefully selected to reveal essential mechanisms that may be important for proper thyroid hormone synthesis and function. This unique panel gives an unprecedented perspective to the various biosystems with expanded markers pertaining to thyroid physiology
  • Exclusively at Balance Atlanta, patients may opt to receive a 27-page report with the bioscreen panel which includes a health improvement plan, plus detailed reports to explain in “plain English” the blood test results, percentage of deviation, out of optimal range evaluation, functional index, nutrient index, and specific product recommendations to support well-being. Patients will leave with a full understanding of their biochemical markers as a measure of health specific to organs, glands, cells, and neurology.
  • Detailed assessments to determine metabolic health, cognitive health, brain nutrition, neurotransmitter levels.
  • High tech body composition testing to evaluate total body water, dry lean mass, body fat mass, weight, skeletal muscle mass, obesity analysis, segmental lean analysis, and basal metabolic rate. Our state-of-art system, the InBody230, is used by the New England Patriots, the New Orleans Saints, the Baltimore Ravens, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, US Army Rangers, US Olympic Training Center, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and LifeTime Fitness.
  • Resources to support the understanding of mind-body health such as books, podcasts, blogs, websites, apps, movies, and more depending on the age and needs of the patient.
  • Lifestyle modification to include stress management, mindfulness, breathing techniques, work-life balance, mental peak performance training, exercise and meal planning, and kitchen makeovers to support healthy living.
  • Baseline health profiles for children and teens to include a chiropractic spinal assessment, gait and posture analysis, high speed digital x-rays, comprehensive lab testing, brain mapping using BrainCore neurofeedback technology to assess cognitive function and stress management skills.

If you are ready for the full immersion plan of action, this is the ideal program for you. It is also convenient for clients visiting Atlanta with limited availability. Consulting for global clients can be arranged via phone, text, e-mail, or video.

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