With the benefit of modern technology, Dr. Caroline offers customized health consulting, as well as onsite speaking engagements, to individuals, families, and corporate clients world-wide. Catering to those whose priority is peak performance, access to premium wellness services is available internationally.

Raised overseas and being trilingual, travel around the globe comes as second nature to Dr. Caroline. It was only a matter of time that she realized the opportunity of spreading the wings of Balance Atlanta to serve international practice members. Whether it was by fate, or thanks to the internet, Dr. C’s health consulting has expanded to the continental US, Canada, S. America, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. The holistic approach of integrative care to address optimal mental, physical, social, behavioral, and emotional balance is not viewed as a luxury for only a few, but as a necessity for optimal wellness around the world. 

Our international clients seek and appreciate both the scientifically-based, yet pragmatic approach Dr. Caroline uses to assess their state of well-being. She educates and inspires in order to bridge the cultural differences of the health paradigm by offering services such as lab test interpretation, lifestyle modification, stress management assessment, nutritional consultation, cellular detoxification, strategic health planning, and personal empowerment mentoring. Ultimately, the goal is to find and correct the cause of specific health issues when all other locally available avenues have been unsuccessful. Most consultations are done by phone, webinars, e-mail, online courses, and Skype. Dr. Caroline and her assistant do travel abroad for public speaking events and to work with premium-level clients, schedule permitting. For more info and to set up a preliminary interview, please give us a call.

Learning to become the best version of oneself is a pursuit that is shared by young and old of all cultures globally. A true health care system should honor and nurture the intelligence within each individual uniquely, no matter where one lives. If integrative health coaching is not available in your community, then Dr. C will customize a plan exclusively to meet your wellness needs.