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Dr. Caroline

Confessions of a New Parent

Published: June 6, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

I am a late bloomer in the marriage and parent department. Certainly I would place check marks next to key line items on that list of 100 Pivotal Things to Do in Life. I simply wasn’t sure about the timing. Busy with grad school and starting a business, my priorities were elsewhere. Ron, the mailman, […]

Mom and the Ladybugs

Published: June 5, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |  

This piece was written in 2007. Yet ladybugs keep on showing up. Last Friday I had to put down Scrappy, my beloved dog and best buddy for 12-years. My German grandmother had a fascination with the VW bug cars. Every time she spotted one, she would shout with joy, “Kaefer” which means bug/ ladybug in […]

The Story of My Dad: Legacy

Published: May 19, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service: ,

This won’t be easy. I’m choking back tears as I write. But I am also smiling on the inside. Every so often I am asked about my past: Where did I grow up? Tell me about your last name. How is it that you rode your bicycle across America and then in the middle of […]

Dr. Caroline’s Journey

Published: May 16, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

I believe that in order to fully experience life, it is sometimes necessary to reinvent yourself—to live in a new city, to meet different people, to find a new career, to embark on an unknown path, to discover the fabric from which you are made. This process seldom happens by way of figuring out everything […]

Feedback on a Speaking Engagement

Published: April 30, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

My sweet Caroline…I must admit when I heard we were having a chiropractor to speak I thought “big whoop” but what a pleasant surprise.  I could have stayed there for hours just listening to you and your approach to life and chiropractic.  What a special gift you have to give others and especially your patients.  […]

Dr. Caroline Comes Clean

Published: April 16, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

One year ago, I addressed and stamped envelopes. I had every intention to write a newsletter. For twelve months, those envelopes lived in a box under Chelsey’s desk or by the fax machine. Though I enjoy writing and I had notebooks filled with ideas, the task morphed into the big fat elephant in my living […]

My Mother’s Rug

Published: April 5, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Almost 15 years ago, my mother passed away from an unexpected and brief bout with  lymphoma.  Always hiking, teaching yoga, owning a spiritual bookstore, living in Vermont, mowing 10 acres of grass like it was no big deal, going on travel adventures, concocting evil looking but ever so healthy green smoothies, chasing down my sisters […]

Who is Your Coach?

Published: April 2, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Here I am with my coach, Dr. Kevin Pallis. See that fire behind us? Once it dies down a bit, my coaching tribe and I are going to walk barefoot across a bed of burning embers. Crazy, huh? And that coach…Dr. C – you talk about him a lot but he looks pretty unobtrusive…normal, dare […]

Stepping Through the Doors of Balance Atlanta

Published: March 6, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

I am grateful because you were courageous. Let me tell you why. By picking up the phone and scheduling your first chiropractic appointment, you dared to be different. The world is addicted to instant everything – gratification, answers, knowledge, results. With a few exceptions (such as instant grits), nothing is instant. It takes time to […]