With an emphasis on family care for more than 17-years, Dr. Caroline von Fluegge-Chen has created a unique program of promoting peak performance found only at Balance Atlanta.

Dr. Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Dr. Caroline von Fluegge-Chen combines family chiropractic, functional medicine, and BrainCore Therapy to address structural integrity, optimal brain function, and body chemistry balance. Based on a patient’s needs, the custom-designed plans of action develop healthy mental and physical balance at every stage of life.

Her clientele includes pregnant mothers, newborns, children, teens, parents, and business people; professional athletes, youth sports participants, weekend warriors, and people who simply want to stay in shape; celebrities in the music and film industries; as well as youth at risk, people with special needs, individuals suffering with chronic illnesses, and stressed adults.

Dr. Caroline frequently contributes articles to fitness magazines, produces corporate wellness programs, is a featured guest speaker for community organizations, and regularly makes appearances on television and radio. For over 10-years, she has been an active participant in Love Has No Color, a program founded by chiropractors to bring health and honor to children living in Third World conditions on Native American reservations.

She is winner of “Best Chiropractic Care” by Best Self magazine; “Best Chiropractor” and “Best in Alternative Health” by Kudzu; listed as one of 15 doctors to watch in “Who’s Who” of Jezebel Magazine; featured in MsCEO.net; and most recently, profiled in Vinings Lifestyles magazine.

As a wife, mother, runner, long-distance cyclist, and world traveler, she is busy collecting a portfolio of interesting life experiences. Husband David, teen daughter Willow, and pets Louie and Comet are willing participants in her adventures.

Kristina Piper – Chiropractic Assistant

Kristina, a native of Connecticut, is a certified nurse’s assistant and has taken EMT coursework. With a degree in communication disorders, she has a life-long passion for helping people. 

“There’s just something about seeing someone at their worst and being part of the reason that they’re better. Whether it’s physically doing something for them or just being an outlet to talk to. A simple conversation can mean a lot.”

As a seasoned soccer and hockey player, Kristina is equally talented as a chef (award-winning apple pie, stuffed peppers!), fitness enthusiast and as an avid shoe shopper. With a bright smile, warm heart and willingness to go the extra mile, our amazing wing woman is always ready to help our patients at Balance Atlanta – kids and pets included.

Kristina’s can-do attitude speaks in volumes to her commitment for excellence. We are truly blessed to have this dynamic super star on board at Balance Atlanta.