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Your Poor Feet

Published: July 29, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Huge numbers of people develop foot pain in their 60s, but it can start as early as the 20s and 30s. Excessive weight, diabetes and circulation problems can contribute to foot pain. Proper footwear and regular exercise can play a crucial role in preventing foot problems. The average person walks the equivalent of three times […]


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Auriculotherapy was developed by Dr. Paul Nogier, a neurologist, in the 1950’s. He became interested in the study when several of his sciatic patients related how they had been helped by a middle eastern woman. They reported that their suffering ended after she put a hot needle into their ears. Nogier began his quest to […]

Financial transparency because relationships matter most.

Published: July 18, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |  

A Currency of Relationship After the dermatologist checked a few moles, I proceeded to the front desk to settle my account. The staff informed me that I did not have to pay. Not even a co-pay. That’s weird. My annual individual deductible is $4,500. Certainly I was supposed to pay something?  At the next visit […]

Common Dance Injuries

Published: July 11, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Dancer’s Fracture “I landed badly from a jump and now it hurts to walk.” This is the most common acute fracture seen in dancers. This fracture occurs along the 5th metatarsal, the long bone on the outside of the foot. The typical method of injury is landing from a jump on an inverted (turned-in) foot. […]

From Stroke to Hope

Published: July 8, 2020   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Theresa has been a wellness patient since 1998. In her early 60’s, she has always been the epitome of health: exercise, good nutrition, loving family, positive attitude. Last year, she had a stroke. Apparently, a microscopic blood vessel in her brain had been defective since birth. Otherwise, there was no explanation for the stroke. Three […]

Torque Release Technique

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(Article courtesy of Torque Release Technique in chiropractic language this is known as a “low-force,” “neurologically-based,” “tonal,” “subluxation-centered” assessment and adjusting technique. The methods TRT offers have firm foundations in science: 1) Anatomy and an understanding of the amazing structure of the spinal column, spinal cord and central nervous system. 2) Physiology and cutting-edge […]

Remedies for Bee Stings

Published: July 7, 2020   |   Category: Cool Stuff   |  

5 Effective Home Remedies for Bee Stings Natural Remedies for Bee Stings 30 Useful Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bee Sting 7 Essential Oils for Bee Stings, Bug Bites & More (Plus 15 Mixtures and Application Tips) Home Remedies for Bee Stings Using Natural Ingredients  

Natural Remedies for Headaches

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Poison Ivy Remedies

Published: July 7, 2020   |   Category: Cool Stuff   |  

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How to get a good night’s sleep

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18 Natural Sleep Aids to Get Better Sleep 8 Natural Remedies That May Help You Sleep 10 Natural Sleep Remedies for Your Best Sleep Ever 18 Things You Can do to Sleep Better at Night Simple Home Remedies for Sleep Bedroom Plants that Help You Sleep    


Published: July 7, 2020   |   Category: Cool Stuff   |  

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