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April 2022

Peeling the Onion

Published: April 27, 2022   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

In the language of statistics, health is a continuous variable. A person’s health can be expressed as an infinity of values ranging from abundant well-being to terminal states approaching death. […]

Preventing On the Job Pain

Published: April 22, 2022   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

It is a fact of life that job and career can be stressful. But some occupations also take a physical toll: persistent aching, throbbing or tingling in the hand, wrist, […]

Chiropractic Develops Good Posture

Published: April 20, 2022   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

Most of our daily activities work against good posture. We spend large portions of our days sitting in an uncomfortable chair, peering at a computer terminal. Muscles tighten and joints […]

Chiropractic Care for Infants

Published: April 10, 2022   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

As soon as baby Olivia made her way through the birth canal and into this world, she was greeted by a warm, bare chest, and checked while this most important […]

Chiropractor Makeup Artist?

Published: April 9, 2022   |   Category: Blog   |   Service:

A patient who is a makeup artist asked me why I use different adjusting techniques on different people. Or, from visit to visit, I adjust her a number of different […]