The greatest teachers are the best students.

I had an extraordinary birth experience and pregnancy, thanks to Dr. C. To say that I am living proof of her chiropractic work and care would be an understatement.

When I was pregnant with my first child 3 years ago, I kept feeling a pinch in my lower back that got worse and worse. My OB/GYN blew it off and said it was normal. I was a normal, active, and healthy girl in her late 30’s and found it harder to walk without pain. Anytime I went to my prenatal fitness classes, I found myself experiencing the pinch even more and it had lasting effects. Heels were so painful and running was completely out of the question. I got prenatal massages but nothing helped. At about 29 weeks pregnancy, I googled “back pinch pregnancy chiropractic” and Dr. non Fluegge popped up and was near me. I made an appt immediately and she was able to see me that afternoon. After a 45 minute conversation about my issues and an adjustment, Dr. C said my hips were out of alignment but she could help. As I continued my visits with her, my pregnancy actually got MORE comfortable as I grew and got closer to my due date. I wore heels until I gave birth and was able to have more mobility as I got bigger, despite having too much amniotic fluid and being larger than normal. This was a huge victory!

As my husband and I embarked on IVF  for our 2nd child, I went to Dr. C right before the embryos were implanted to make sure my body was in total alignment. It worked! As I got around 23 weeks pregnant or so, the back pinch was back and I could feel my mobility stalling out so I immediately went to Dr. C to help. I love that her adjustments last 5 minutes and  I went once a week until I gave birth. Immediately, the back pinch went away and stayed away. I was so much more mobile and healthy this pregnancy for going to her earlier. What I am the most proud of is that my first child was born via C-section. Because of another abdominal surgery (myomectomy), 3 doctors told me I could NOT have a vaginal birth. I found a doctor that looked at my medical records and said based on the documents, he could support the trial of labor if that’s what I wanted. Since I felt it in my heart that I was mentally, physically, and emotionally in shape to attempt the labor, I was able to successfully have the baby with no medication and know that Dr. C’s adjustments assured my hips and body were in alignment to make the birth much easier.

While I am a living testimonial of Dr. C’s work, her commitment to her patients and her practice is unmatched. When I look at hiring professionals, I always want to find people that are not only masters at what they do, but they are so passionate about getting better, that they are always investing time in learning new techniques, they have mentors, and are always learning. In other words, the greatest teachers are the best students and Dr. C is no exception. I am proud to be her patient and extremely grateful for her passionate care and commitment to excellence, her sense of humor, and her healing hands.