She has a “magic” touch.

I realized I had a serious problem with my spine when I would get tingling fingers every time I sat on a plane, followed by severe limited rotational motion of my head, and aching back and neck muscles. Not being afraid of flying, which I do all too often, I figured it had to be something other than stress related, but my ignorance of the way the spine, muscles and nerves are interrelated led me down some false starts – massage therapy, muscle relaxants, and acupuncture.

Dr. Caroline was referred by a friend, and after my first visit when I learned of the severity of my problem – pretty advanced scoliosis, I realized that I had to take far better care of my spine and regular adjustments would be required to alleviate the symptoms.

Dr. Caroline has been adjusting me for several years now and I have to say that my back is a lot better and I can now sit on a long haul flight without discomfort. My scoliosis is far from gone, and will likely never disappear as I caught it too late in life, but there have been clear improvements in my posture, neck mobility and all-round flexibility. Besides the clear health benefits of regular visits to Balance Atlanta, I really look forward to Dr. Caroline’s positive attitude and quirky sense of humor. She has a “magic” touch and I would highly recommend her practice.