I went back to my OB for an ultrasound. He was head down!!!!

Dr. Caroline is great! I came to see her during my second pregnancy when I found out my baby boy was breech. This was especially concerning because my first son was frank breech. I went from wanting a natural birth to needing a c-section. On top of that, my son was born with bilateral hip dysplasia. My husband and I decided we would do everything possible to make sure baby boy #2 didn’t have to go through the surgeries, casts and brace that our first son had to deal with. I visited Dr. Caroline when I was 34 weeks pregnant. She and I were on the same page from the start… Let’s turn this baby!! I was willing to do everything she suggested to ensure a healthy baby. After two weeks of seeing Dr. Caroline, I went back to my OB for an ultrasound. He was head down!!!! We were both in shock, God is good and so is Dr. Caroline! I am now 37 weeks pregnant and baby boy is still head down. Hopefully, he’ll cooperate with the natural birth plan, too! 

It is much more than just wonderful chiropractic care that you receive when you visit the office. Both Dr. Caroline and Ms. Holly have a positive attitude, are caring and very patient. At times I need to bring my son with me to appointments. Dr. Caroline is always patient and flexible. Ms. Holly is a toddler whisperer, My son loves playing with her while I get adjusted.