After the first appointment, my chest and back pains were almost gone completely.

No more ear infections for my son, no more chest pains for me.

Chiropractic and Dr. Caroline are awesome!

I was first introduced to Dr. Caroline when my son (3 years old at the time) suffered from constant ear infections.

I knew the side effects from antibiotics and wanted to find a more natural treatment for him. My friend, who had been a long time patient of Dr. Caroline, made me aware of all the services Balance Atlanta has to offer.

I have to say that I was reluctant of chiropractic care especially for ear infections. After 3 weeks of seeing Dr. C, my son no longer struggled with ear infections. I became a believer at that point. I was tired of the antibiotics which were not working anyway. Chiropractic was the answer.

Fast forward 3 years, and I started experiencing chest pains as well as pains on the left side of my body. I had an EKG, x-rays and blood work, but my pains were still a mystery. I decided to see if letting Dr. Caroline assess my symptoms and perform a full body check up would help at all.

After the first appointment, my chest  and back pains were almost gone completely. After the second appointment, my symptoms were gone completely. I am so thankful to know of a chiropractor who puts so much time and effort into continuing education classes so that she can help such a wide range of people who suffer from different problems. It is obvious that she truly   cares about her patients. Her staff is a pleasure to interact with as well. I love Balance Atlanta! – Ashley T.