Sports & Chiropractic

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CHIROPRACTIC CARE GIVES ATHLETES AN EDGE Why do professional athletes in almost every sport rely on regular chiropractic care? The simplest answer is, because it works. In fact, the role of chiropractic in sports is three-fold: It speeds up recovery from injury, it enhances performance, and it helps prevent future problems. Common sense tells us […]

Peak Performance Articles and Research

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Optimizing Surgical Skills with Neurofeedback, Ros

5 Reasons Why Neurofeedback is The Breakfast of Olympic Champions

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins Sought Help to Make His Brain Perform Better

Neurofeedback Training May Enhance Athletic Performance

5 Ways Neurofeedback Improves Sports Performance

Training Can Calm Mind, Boost Focus

NBA Star Uses Neurofeedback to Help His Game and His Life

LA Clippers Kaman Recalls Childhood Frustrations, Gets Help with Neurofeedback, LA Times

Neurofeedback Improves Musical Performance, Egner

Journal of the American Board of Sport Psychology, Hammond

General Neurofeedback and Peak Performance, Adams

Efficacy of Neurofeedback for Peak Performance, Vernon

EEG Training – College Students, Rasey

Cellist Achieves Optimum Performance through Neurofeedback, Science Daily

Eating to Fuel Exercise

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I read an interview with a nutritionist in the New York Times recently.  Since many Balance Atlanta patients and friends are very active and make exercise an important part of their lives, I thought I would share this helpful information with you. Now that I have decided I am a runner  (OK – so I […]

PTSD Articles and Research

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Neurofeedback for Veterans with Combat-Related PTSD, Peniston

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Remedy – Neurofeedback, Othmer

Coping With the Horrors of War

Therapists Are Using Neurofeedback to Treat ADHD, PTSD and Other Conditions

Neurofeedback Training for PTSD

Invisible Wounds: Ways to Retrain Traumatized Brains

Experts at Military Conference Declare Breakthrough PTSD Treatment

Neurofeedback Treatment for PTSD?

The Healing Mind: How Neurofeedback is Treating Trauma

The Need for Chiro from Birth

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QUOTES AND NOTES SUPPORTING THE NEED FOR CHIROPRACTIC FROM BIRTH “Many believe that a newborn infant is little more than a blob of protoplasm, feeling very little, understanding less, reacting hardly at all to its surroundings.  Yet the opposite is true.  The newborn infant is more fully feeling than he may ever be again; he […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Articles and Research

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Neurofeedback and the Chargers – Treating Concussions

QEEG Neurofeedback and the Treatment of Concussions

Neurofeedback for Brain Injury

Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

Managing Traumatic Brain Injury: Appropriate Assessment and a Rationale for Using Neurofeedback and Biofeedback to Enhance Recovery in Postconcussion Syndrome

EEG Neurofeedback Therapy: Can it Attenuate Brain Changes in TBI?

What is Neurofeedback?

Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment Program

Ear Infections and Chiropractic

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Stressed out parents, is this situation all too familiar? Your child is in a rotten mood. Cranky and crabby, this is not the baby who otherwise seemed to coo with happiness at the sight of you. Now you feel like her worst enemy. Even the Itsy Bitsy Spider song is making no difference whatsoever. Surprise […]

Stress Management and Chiropractic

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Chiropractic revolves around the idea that stress, whether it be physical, chemical or emotional in nature, affects the body’s ability to properly function and leads to poor health. More and more research keeps piling up to support this concept, but the short and long-term effects of stress are hardly ever addressed by the modern medical […]

Weight Management Articles & Research

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Outcomes of Neurofeedback Training in Childhood Obesity Management: A Pilot Study

The Effect of Neurofeedback on Eating Behaviour

Appetite Control with Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback for Effective Weight Loss Management

Effects of Food Intake Behavior by Neurofeedback Training in Subjects with Obesity

Diet, Obesity and Weight Loss And Neurofeedback for Chronic Pain

Can Chiropractic Reduce Time in Labor?

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According to a study, patients who received chiropractic care from at least the tenth week of pregnancy through labor and delivery experienced significantly reduced mean labor times compared to women who were not receiving chiropractic care. Out of the two groups of women who were studied during their first pregnancy, those receiving chiropractic care averaged […]

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