Balance Atlanta BrainCore Therapy Offers FDA-Approved Brain Test to Diagnose and Address ADHD Symptoms

Balance Atlanta BrainCore Therapy Offers FDA-Approved Brain Test to Diagnose and Address ADHD Symptoms

By ESKIMO ADVERTISING – August 6, 2013

As kids head back to school, Balance Atlanta BrainCore Therapy’s Dr. Caroline von Fluegge is among the few in the country that now treats patients with the FDA-approved QEEG brain mapping technology. Helping to diagnose and address symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children by measuring brainwaves, the testing of BrainCore Therapy provides a map of the brain. Combined with a metabolic profile and a cognitive-emotional personality profile, it is the basis for neurofeedback training. Brainwave testing and neurofeedback provide specific, measurable and non-invasive treatment protocols appropriate for children as well as adults.

“The brainwave test identifies unbalanced patterns that may be related to focus and attention issues while the neurofeedback is designed to teach children how to better regulate their brainwave patterns with focus, impulse control and serenity,” said Dr. von Fluegge. “Rather than temporarily masking symptoms with drugs, forty years of neurofeedback research has shown that the results are permanent. Furthermore, the American Academy of Pediatrics listed neurofeedback as a level one best support treatment for ADHD as it is effective as medication but without dangerous side-effects.”

As an expert in alternative healthcare for over 20 years and founder of Balance Atlanta Family Chiropractic in Buckhead, Dr. Caroline von Fluegge integrated BrainCore Therapy neurofeedback and brainwave testing several years ago. Seeing so many patients who were anxious, depressed, had issues with ADHD, insomnia and PTSD, she researched alternative solutions to treating chronic issue patients without drugs and that was complimentary to a wellness-based lifestyle. BrainCore was the perfect fit to add to the practice’s mission of offering the highest quality wellness care to everyone in pursuit of a healthy, inspired and productive quality of life.

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