Balance Atlanta Fills a Void in Concierge Health Not Found Anywhere Else

Balance Atlanta Fills a Void in Concierge Health Not Found Anywhere Else

Atlanta, GA, October 12, 2015

Dr. Caroline Von Fluegge-Chen is unique in many ways and as one of Atlanta’s most successful doctors of chiropractic, functional medicine and neurofeedback, it’s her uniqueness that drives her success and that’s helping her patients see tangible results in their overall health, in ways they were not seeing through traditional methods of medical care.

A concerned, customized approach all her own, Dr. Von Fluegge-Chen puts a premium finding the underlying causes of illness and helping her patients understand how physical, mental and emotional stress can result in dis-ease, resulting in health issues and societal issues.  Her unique practice is known as a therapeutic safe haven, where individuals and families can come to get help to bring balance to their physical, mental and emotional dis-ease, naturally.  As a result of her individualized, high-tech approach, genuine compassion and real connectedness to her patients, they are seeing tangible, long lasting improvements in their overall health.

“I am a contrarian. I don’t fit the mold,” says Dr. Von Fluegge-Chen.  “I look for possibilities, not limitations. It’s about going the extra mile with intelligence and compassion to serve people and I am often the last resort for my clients,” she shared.   “They’re frustrated by the red tape of insurance restrictions, tired of being treated like just a number by a myriad of equally stressed doctors, and leery of taking more medications with often dangerous side-effects. Finding a trusted advisor who is willing to think outside of the box, collaborate with the patient to find solutions, and who respects the unique qualities, intelligence and lifestyle of each patient – that’s a critical need that I fill,” she said.

Dr. Von Fluegge-Chen specializes in putting the pieces of the puzzle together in way that is logical and scientifically sound, resulting in a plan of action that’s practical, measureable and custom-designed.  Her approach is one her patients say they’ve always wanted, but couldn’t find.

“Balance Atlanta is about optimizing the management of stress, which is critical for today’s fast-paced lifestyles, whether you’re a student under pressure, an over-extended mom, a full throttle executive or an athlete seeking cutting edge performance,” says Dr. Von Fluegge-Chen.  “People come to me when their quality of life has been compromised and urgency to find and correct the cause of the issue becomes a priority, because they realize ignoring a problem or masking symptoms no longer works,” she said.

Balance Atlanta offers a unique, whole-body method of health care for children and adults that is not available anywhere else. The combination of services is a result of years of study with medical and alternative masters from around the world. This includes her expertise in functional medicine that specifically assesses physical structure, brain function and body chemistry.  

“Functional Medicine involves going deeper and “looking under the hood” of a person’s health to determine the emergence and progression of disease, while finding solutions to restore balance.  It combines the objective study of neurology, biochemistry, genetics and physiology with environmental and lifestyle factors,” said Dr. Von Fluegge-Chen.  “Based on comprehensive consultations and laboratory analysis of blood, urine, saliva, hair and stool samples, we are able to develop a custom detoxification, nutrition and lifestyle program to address the exact needs of each individual patient, young or old,” she shared. “

Other areas of specialization at Balance Atlanta  include BrainCore therapy and neurofeedback, which uses sophisticated non-invasive computer technology, to assess brain function and address symptoms associated with  ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, memory loss, stress associated with eating and weight gain, learning disorders and securing peak performance without the use of drugs.

Located in Buckhead, Balance Atlanta’s diverse group of patients range from all ages, come from different racial, cultural and economic backgrounds and include professional athletes,  corporate executives, film, theatre and music celebrities, stay-at-home moms and struggling parents of children with disabilities.  However, they all have one thing in common– they look forward to their regular sessions with Dr. Von Fluegge-Chen, whose warm, friendly and sparkling personality combined with her professional expertise, helps them feel more prepared physically and emotionally to take on the daily stresses of their lives.

A 20-year veteran of chiropractic services, Dr. Von Fluegge-Chen is not your average chiropractor.  She is fluent in three languages, is a sought-after speaker on health and wellness, has been recognized in Jezebel Magazine as one of Atlanta’s top doctors to watch, is listed in Kudzu as a top rated center of alternative medicine, was voted Best Chiropractor by BestSelf Magazine, she’s a long distance cyclist, a world traveler seeking adventures off the beaten path, a wife and mother, and an upbeat contrarian with dogged determination.  She has a burning desire to make a difference and sees her work as having the potential to have significant social impact for communities in Atlanta and around the world. 

She has created teen health programs, volunteers for family organizations and produced corporate wellness initiatives.  However, one initiative to which she has committed time and resources over the past ten years, is Love Has No Color , a program created by chiropractors  to bring healing, self-esteem, and hope to Native American kids of Montana, living in third world conditions.

“I believe the cornerstone of real health is the ability to reach out to another person and make a connection, heart-to-heart,” shared Dr. Von Fluegge-Chen. “Families are seeking professionals who actually care, who take time to educate, listen and empower them to make the best logical decisions about their health and well-being and that’s what we do here at Balance Atlanta. Healthy individuals create healthy communities. This is my vision, one person at a time,” she said.