Stephanie needed something to help her relax and to even out the lows and highs.

I am Stephanie’s mom and I am very excited about the results we’ve seen from BrainCore Therapy. About fifteen years ago, Stephanie had a serious motor vehicle accident, in which a fellow passenger was killed. Stephanie almost lost her life. She broke her neck and as a result of the recovery and the head injury her neck bones fused. Which has caused the problems with neck and I suspect some of the headache related issues. The head injury was very severe. She started out all over again, as if she were practically a new born baby. Learning to eat, to walk, learning to use her hands, to dress herself and so forth. It’s been a very very long process.  She was in the hospital for 3 months, and then spent about a year in outpatient day rehab facility. After that she worked with a cognitive therapist and a neurophysiologist for a couple more years. It’s just a continuation of, almost daily of trying to compensate for severe memory loss and for frontal lobe injuries which resulted in social skills being challenged and having to work on that. So it’s been 15 years and it’s been a struggle along the way.

We first Met Dr. Caroline Von Fluegge at a brain injury support meeting and were intrigued by this type of therapy. Neither one of us knew much about, but I knew that Stephanie needed something to help her relax and to even out the lows and highs. This seems to have help quite a bit! She is sleeping better; she does not have headaches. She was complaining very frequently of headaches. If nothing more, she’s says,” if all this does helps her get rid of the headaches and sleep better its defiantly worth it!” I completely agree!

The chiropractic adjustments have also helped her with feeling more comfortable in her own body, her walking, her gate. She just enjoys that. It makes her feel so much better physically!  I really think it will work for those people who are having problems sleeping and with headaches. It’s interesting, I tell my friends my friends about it and they all say, “oh I want that, I want that!” So, I would just sum it up that way. It’s been a very positive experience! Getting to know Dr. Caroline has been wonderful! She genuinely cares about Stephanie and me. Mostly her, which is the way it should be and I really appreciate that!

Stephanie is so excited about being able to think about having a job. She’s had a few jobs, volunteer and paid jobs. Some she did ok at and others not so much. Nothing ever felt good to her or felt like she was doing anything worthwhile. She is so excited about this because it will allow her to use her own weakness and compensation strategies, and struggles to help other people. That has really encouraged her to feel like she is going to do something worthwhile, and at the same time making some money. That is also important to her too, just to know that her time and that she worth the compensation. – Carolyn M.