Is your child calling out for help?

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Is your child calling out for help?

There is nothing certain about parenting. With the territory comes a wild mix of feelings. Most definitely. Lots unconditional love and undeniable pride. And in the swirl of it all, plenty of overwhelm and confusion, too. “Holy smokes, what have we created?” There are just as many questions as there are answers. The pressure of juggling the demands of hectic lifestyles isn’t so easy on the kids, either. Academics, sports, peers, social media, sibling rivalry, cultural expectations, growth spurts, raging hormones – it can be a lot. At the end of the day, usually things work out just fine. Sometimes the situations are more challenging.

I read between the lines of health history forms to see what is really going on when troubles are stirring. There is frequently more uncertainty within the family dynamic than most parents would like to admit, at least publicly. While most of the children are well-adjusted, there’s typically one kiddo who stirs up parental angst more so than the others. Perhaps you’ve noticed certain worrisome changes – social, emotional, behavioral, physical – that you just can’t figure out. Maybe you’ve met with therapists, pediatricians and teachers – but no one knows the right combination to unlock your child’s potential. Drugs are not the answer you’re looking for. You hope this is just a temporary stage your child is going through. Intuitively you realize that you need help NOW before the situation leads to long-term damaging consequences.

What’s the Dr. Caroline Difficult Cases niche? It’s a speciality I developed over many years outside of “regular chiropractic” in response to the cries for help expressed by parents and kids alike. We are talking about tough situations where all other methods to get lives on track have failed. With a combination of objective science, specific plans of action, straight talk, personal coaching, and compassion, we’re integrating biochemistry, physical structure, brain function, behavior, and lifestyle for optimal performance. Rather than guessing, with this premium level of care, we solve the cause of the problem while honoring the person as a whole. For more info on Difficult Cases, Functional Medicine, BrainCore Therapy, strategic peak performance mentoring, or for a complimentary phone consult, please give Dr. Caroline a call.

Is your child calling our for help?

impulsive – aggressive – withdrawn – defiant – unable to handle disappointment – lacks respect disrupts class – easily distracted – poor memory – language delays – detached from family self harms – cannot sit still – damages property – has frequent meltdowns – difficulty making friends- is bullied – distorted thinking – overly self-conscious – unable to sleep –  sleeps too much – loss  of appetite – downward changes in grades – lying – cheating – poor hygiene – prolonged illnesses – weight gain or loss – nightmares – tics – clumsy – fussy – frequent head or stomach pain avoids new experiences – insensitive to touch or pain – feeling helpless or out  of control – reckless poor memory – ADHD – post traumatic stress – obsessive compulsive behavior – grinding teeth – biting nails – plucking hair – unprovoked outbursts – distorted body image – manipulative – inappropriate actions – excessive speech – lack of communication – scattered thoughts