Hearing that I have stage one degenerative disc disease was quite a shock.

I came to Balance Atlanta because for the first time in my life I had back pain, a severe stabbing pain at my left shoulder blade that got worse as I sat at my desk and used a computer. In addition to the stabbing pain was a burning sensation. I knew I needed immediate help and really wanted to try a holistic approach first. I was always open to chiropractic medicine but never quite got around to it. Now I was hoping it would work miracles so I would not need to resort to pain medicines for my intolerable pain. I had always exercised, lifted weights, played sports, ran, walked, etc. and ate a decent diet. I had no immediate trauma to my back to bring on this sudden pain, with the exception of sleeping in an unusual position for the two years due to co-sleeping with a nursing infant.

I came to Dr. Caroline because I had met her a year prior at a meet up group for new mothers and liked the atmosphere of her practice and her demeanor. She was able to fit me in very quickly, given my intense pain. She took x-rays and was the first doctor to ever tell me there was something wrong with me. This was hard to take in, as I had always dieted and exercised and basically did what you are told to do to remain healthy. Since I am only 37, hearing that I have stage one degenerative disc disease was quite a shock. The degeneration was causing a nerve to pinch in my cervical vertebrae and compressing at my shoulder blade, causing my pain. Dr. Caroline recommended adjustments 3 times a week for a few months and I agreed to her regimen.

I was amazed that after 2 or 3 adjustments my pain went from intolerable to manageable, and I never took any pain medication. Within several visits my pain had dulled immensely. After a month, my pain was gone for the most part and only would flare up after a lot of sitting and typing. Now I continue to treat once a week and seldom have flare ups. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Caroline for alleviating my pain, opening me up to chiropractic medicine and setting me on my path to holistic wellness. I would strongly recommend her to someone experiencing pain like I did, but also someone who does not have any back pain who wants to take charge of their health and realize the benefits of chiropractic medicine, both for adults and children. – Deidre S.