My childhood surgery had caused shifting of my spine.

As an adult learning the countless benefits of chiropractic care, I am astonished that the importance of protecting our central nervous system has not been brought to my attention sooner. Upon arriving at Balance Atlanta and seeing my x-rays there are no words other than utter shock. While I knew that my childhood surgery had caused shifting of my spine, it was not until I was face to face with my crooked x-ray that I realized how severe it was. Like any cancer survivor, I am at a high risk for reoccurrence. We are constantly reminded to wear sunscreen, receive regular check- ups and to exercise and eat healthy, so why are we not encouraged to protect our central nervous system, arguably one of the most important factors to our health?  Rather than simply wait until something happens or I get sick again, I have chosen to be proactive with my health by incorporating regular chiropractic care into my life in addition to proper diet and exercise. I hope that others will join me and make the commitment to make their health a priority because it truly is our greatest gift. – Erin N.