Foundation of well-being for me and my three daughters.

Dr Caroline reached out to me in 2016 to express her interest in speaking to the parents and coaches of our Sports & Rec. Ministry about concussions: symptoms, causes, diagnosis & treatments. I would have never thought 14 years later she would be providing the foundation of well-being for me and my three daughters, keeping the Stonis family on the right path to good health and happiness.  

Dr. Caroline knew, just by looking at a photo in my office of my 6 year old daughter Ava, that she had a special spirit about her. She was genuinely interested to learn more about my family, especially Ava. After I poured out my heart to a complete stranger and expressed my concern as a mom for my daughter who could not stay focused in school, Dr. Caroline recommended I bring Ava in for a visit. After a few chiropractic care visits with Dr. Caroline we decided to move forward with Brain Core Therapy, a unique and drugless approach to addressing brainwave dysregulation.  Ava loved going to see Dr. C!  It was and will always be a safe place where Dr C’s Ava Bear feels loved and valued.

Thank you Dr Caroline for being so passionate about what you do and the people you serve. I’m grateful you continue to invest your time and energy on Team Stonis and so many others in our community.  Continue to Press on and know you are loved! – Kelley S.