I can’t speak for anyone else but let me tell you this woman works magic.

I can’t speak for anyone else but let me tell you this woman works magic.

In the past I had always doubted the efficacy of chiropractors. I’ve known many people over the years who have gone and had suboptimal results, if any. So I never went to see one despite suffering from spine issues for years. It seemed like a waste of time and money. Then my girlfriend found Dr. C and I saw results. Actual, honest results.

I saw the huge difference in her mobility, increased blood flow to her head, a significant decrease in headaches, and decreased pain to her back and hips. She said that I should go see Dr. C as well since I had issues too. After seeing the dramatic change in health that she achieved I agreed. Let me tell you, it was truly a turning point.

Admittedly I had no point of reference since I had no prior experience with chiropractic care. I am, however, in the medical field and know good doctors and bad doctors, so I know a good one when I see what they can do and how they work. Dr. C isn’t just a back cracker, which was my traditional view of chiropractors. After my xrays we sat down, she formulated a plan of care with goals, and explained how we were going to attain those goals. Her knowledge and professionalism were evident in everything she said.

Fast forward one month. Everything I ever thought about chiropractors I wholeheartedly apologize for. Ok, just to her. I can’t speak for anyone else but let me tell you this woman works magic. My neck pain and stiffness are gone, my sciatica is reduced to a fraction of what it used to be, and my back pain is almost a thing of the past. In such a short time she has almost eradicated my pain and improved my quality of life immensely. This is after just 4 weeks, with 8 more to go. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I know that was a bit long winded, but I had to paint an accurate picture. If you want not just results but the results that you really want, this is who you need to see. She not only is a master of her craft and extremely personable, she actually cares. All those in a single package is rare these days. My girlfriend has a penchant for good finds, but this one she knocked out of the park. Dr. C will always be the one for me! – John Z.