Immediately I could feel her passion, energy, care, and love for chiropractic.

I first met Dr. Caroline in November 2012 at a Chiropractic coaching seminar. I was attending the seminar  due to recently being accepted to attend chiropractic school in April 2013 at Life University in Atlanta. During the seminar one of the D.C’s told me I should meet Dr. Caroline because we would be close when I moved to Atlanta and for the fact that she attended Life University as well. As soon as I went up and introduced myself, she welcomed with open arms! Immediately I could feel her passion, energy, care, and love for chiropractic but more importantly for helping people! We connected instantly and she offered to be my mentor when I moved to Atlanta. I began coming to Balance Atlanta Family Chiropractic as soon as I arrived in Atlanta and have never felt better! Each week I am learning something new from Dr. C, but not just the in’s and out’s of chiropractic. She is always challenging me to be the best version of myself possible, along with being there for me in any situation I face. Dr. Caroline is one of the most passionate, loving, caring,  and down to earth type people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She has been a great mentor, chiropractic, and friend to me, and I cannot say enough how great she is. Bottom Line she is a GREAT Chiropractor and even BETTER PERSON!!! – David R.