A Journey of Healing from the Inside Out

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

A Journey of Healing from the Inside Out

“It’s not easy finding a chiropractor – it’s not easy finding any healthcare provider, much less a really knowledgeable and compassionate one.  After receiving chiropractic care in Arizona while part of a holistic retreat, I realized the importance of integrating this treatment modality as I work toward total health.  Years of sports related injuries, a stressful career traveling all over the world, and most recently cancer, wreaked havoc on my body and mind. 

I found Dr. Caroline through a non-profit organization I belong to when I returned to Atlanta.    Our first appointment was centered entirely around me and my specific needs.  She gathered a very detailed health history, took x-rays, and we just talked – she wanted to know about me as a person , what I was struggling with, and most importantly, what I wanted out of chiropractic care.   As our conversation continued, I realized how passionate she is a about what she does and how important she believes her role is in contributing to a patient’s total health.  She focuses on the patient as a whole – it’s not just about what bones needs to be adjusted. She explains what she’s doing, the impact to the body, and how aligning the body’s structure and nervous system leads to long-term wellness.  I felt so much peace throughout our initial interaction and left her office feeling hopeful that chiropractic care would nicely complement my journey of complete wellness.    

Since Dr. Caroline joined my healthcare team, I’ve realized Balance Atlanta is more than just a routine part of my wellness regimen.  It’s the sense of connection experienced each time I come in.   Dr. Caroline is a different kind of practitioner – she embodies a spirit of compassion, authenticity, and willingness to work WITH her patients, not ON her patients.   There’s a sense of hope and comfort when I step into Balance Atlanta and it’s Dr. Caroline as a person that creates such a special space.  We are working together to balance my body as a whole.   She is helping change the dynamics of my body one step at a time.   Just as it took a lot of hard work and commitment to beat cancer, it’s taking a lot of hard work and commitment to work the individualized program Dr. Caroline has created for me – and I love that she customizes her treatment around my needs!   

After a few months, I’ve seen so much progress and a difference in how my body feels and moves.  Dr. Caroline’s treatment is efficient, effective and I already feel like my body is on the way to healing itself. Taking care of myself is a top priority now.  I’m worthy and deserve to be as healthy as I can, and taking care of my body, inside and out, is critical to my quality of life.  Everyone has a different story and is on their own path to meet the wellness goals they’ve set out to reach.  The beauty of working with Dr. Caroline is a confidence that meeting YOUR goals is just as important to her as it is to you.”