Help me deal with my emotional stress.

When I visited Dr. Caroline for the first time, I had been experiencing back and neck pain that had become chronic and was starting to become mildly debilitating. The onset of the pain had been so gradual that for a long time I ignored it, but after months and months of having the same issues every single day I realized it was time to seek help. Incidentally, during this time events my life in general had also become a chronic problem, I was in extreme mental distress due to issues at home and work. My stress level was off the charts.

Initially I had gone to my primary care physician who is a very competent practitioner, but unfortunately not a very good listener. When I sat down with Dr. Caroline for my first consultation, I could see that would not be the case with her at all. I explained my physical discomfort, but also ended up telling her about the extreme amount of stress I was under with my personal issues. I was exhausted and felt completely burned out.

Dr. Caroline explained to me that my physical and mental stress were interconnected, and that by addressing my spinal issues which are associated with our nervous systems, it would most likely help not to simply soothe my stiff neck and back that I had come to her for, but to also help me “reset” my entire nervous system, which would help me deal with my emotional stress better as well. She stressed that adjustments are not magic, and that there is a process and that it takes some patience. But she would do her best for me.

So I went into this process with an open mind, not sure if it would help or not but willing to give it an honest try. I have been with Dr. Caroline now for several years, I see her regularly for maintenance adjustments long after I have recovered from the effects of my acute emotional distress. I feel her care contributed a great deal to me being able to get through one of the most difficult times in my life. And she listens, and she cares, and she is a true believer in what she does and how it can help people. She told me early on that the reason she became a chiropractor is because there was a time she was not well and she didn’t know what to do. She went to a chiropractor seeking help just like I had and found that it helped her and she wanted to pass that on to other people. I warmly recommend her to everyone I know.