Let me tell you something about Dr. C, she truly believes in what she is doing.

I first went to Dr. Caroline over a year ago. I was at a really bad place in my life stress-wise, and even though I am in good general health, I had started noticing daily back pain that wouldn’t resolve itself. I chalked it up to my age and stress level but I didn’t really want to start taking medicine for it so I thought I’d try a chiropractor.

Let me tell you something about Dr. C, she truly believes in what she is doing. She is positive and enthusiastic. She will never tell you she is a miracle-worker, and the initial visits will be frequent and she may seem like she’s pushing you. This is just a starting place to get you to where you need to be. When I started I was financially strapped, I couldn’t afford even the co-pay amount of her recommended course of treatment but she will talk it out with you and try to make it work. And that’s what we did.

What you can expect if you’ve never been to a chiropractor or if you’re in bad shape is an initial course of multi-week visits which will taper off once you feel improved enough to switch to maintenance visits.

Since I had never been to a chiropractor in my entire 44 years, and my dad was always anti-chiro, I went in not knowing what to expect. I resolved to stick with it and give it a chance, to be open minded. And like I said before, Dr. C is a true believer based on personal experience. She is very personable and will share her life stories as well as listen to yours. She takes a personal interest in you, you will never feel like just a patient.

So after a little more than a year under her hands, I have gradually improved. As I mentioned, my initial reason for going in was daily back pain. That was resolved after a couple of months and is still fine. But here’s something really interesting I wasn’t expecting…

Shortly after starting to visit last year, I went on a two-week vacation I take every year, it involves 8-10 hours a day walking which is rough for someone who sits in an office chair all day. For each the last five or more years on this trip, I begin having serous trouble with foot, knee and hip pain about two days in. Some years it’s so bad it’s made me think I wouldn’t be able to do the trip again the next year.

So last year, it was the awful pain as usual, I just took a lot of pain reliever and pushed through it like i always do.

But i just returned from the same annual trip last week and I was happy to report for the first time in five+ years I was able to walk around without the usual joint pain until just a few days before I returned — and it wasn’t as severe! This may seem like no big deal, but to me it is so wonderful.

So my advice to you, if you’re considering chiropractic care, don’t go in expecting an instant “cure,” just work it into your health care routine and let it do it’s slow work. And if you’re looking for a practice that really believes in what it’s doing and cares about you as a person, I couldn’t recommend Dr. Caroline’s Balance Atlanta any higher. She encourage you to bring in friends and family, but again, it’s because she really believes in what she’s doing.  – Eryn M.