Most importantly, I am completely pain free from the agony my autoimmune diseases cause me.

I cannot recommend Dr. Caroline and balance Atlanta enough. I am a client of both her functional medicine and chiropractic practice. I walked into her office with significant health issues and at my wits end with the pain from my Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjögren’s syndrome and other autoimmune disorders. I had gained so much weight from various medications over the years and could not take it off. I knew the weight also did not help with my chronic pain. I was in a vicious circle that just wouldn’t stop.

I found Dr. C via google and after thoroughly reading her website, I knew I had to have a consultation. She sent me for blood work and explained the results compared to a woman my age. Not the “standard” ranges that you normally get at your primary care office. The results when compared to a person of my age and gender were unbelievable. Now wonder I was having so many issues. My thyroid wasn’t even functioning amongst other serious vitamin deficiencies. I chose to move forward with a full 12 week detox and chiropractic work. I was at a point that is someone told me lettuce for a year, I would do it. That’s how badly I hurt all over. Dr. C also discussed and asked about my level of commitment in which I thought was fantastic. I was so impressed by that because it really showed me how serious and committed she was to me and if I wasn’t as serious or committed, this wouldn’t work. I held up a photo of my 2 year old and told her, I need to live a long time for her…. Tears filled our eyes.

This is truly personalized medicine and she is whom I call “an angel”. Dr. C created a plan, gave me a very detailed oriented binder with all of my results and a complete roadmap of how to work this 12 weeks. We had one on one calls each week about the functional medicine. We worked (and still do), three times a week on chiropractic. The 12 week program, I won’t lie, was challenging but she was with me the whole time. She sent recipes, endless food ideas, exercises, words of encouragement and so much time talking and getting to know me. She helped to dig deeper into what the stressors were/are in my life that contributes to the underlying issues I had which have led me to her.

I lost 17 lbs in two weeks and am currently at 38 lb weight loss. Most importantly, I am completely pain free from the agony my autoimmune diseases cause me. We focused through my 12 week program and my post life choice new eating habits and planning on eliminating the inflammation. That is the root of a lot of my physical ailments. The chiropractic work helps tremendously. I’m the one on the table who let’s put that big “ahhhh” after a good adjustment. Lol.

I have to say, Dr. C changed my life. Caught me when I was just falling, and held my hand to bring me to health. It is a life commitment but one I could have never done without Dr. C. I would recommend her to everyone (and have been doing just that). She is truly outstanding, the best in the biz, and someone you certainly need to see if any of my story rings true to you!

Elizabeth Pitcher