My migraine  episodes were lasting from 4 to 5 days.

Dr.Caroline has the magic touch! I am extremely happy and grateful to have met Dr. C. I have suffered with migraines most of my life but the last 2/3 years had turned unbearable. My migraine  episodes were lasting from 4 to 5 days. I could not function. I would lock myself in a room for days because I could not stand the pain, noises or lights. Add being nauseous the entire time and I was miserable.  In addition to the migraines, I also had digestive issues and brain fog. I was a very lively, social sales manager at work and busy mother of two at home. Things got so out of hand I could no longer work. My body was not able to function properly due to the stress my brain was experiencing with the migraines. I tried all kinds of doctors and treatments from neurologist to physical therapy. The neurologist had me on a treatment plan with antidepressants and monthly shots to manage the pain plus shots every time a migraine started. I could not see myself on those kinds of meds the rest on my life. I kept reading and researching my options. I had hopped around from chiropractor to chiropractor trying to find some relief without any luck until someone recommended Dr. Caroline von Fluegge-Chen in Atlanta. Atlanta is an hour and a half drive for me but I was desperate to find some help. After the initial consult with Dr. C I knew I have to make the commitment to see Dr. C three times a week. I am now writing this 3 months into the treatment plan with migraines only lasting an hour or two, no digestive issues and clear thoughts. I feel like myself again. I am happily volunteering to take snacks to our girls’ sports and planning trips with their friends. My husband is also very happy to have his annoying wife back.My house is now full of friends and family every weekend. Dr. Caroline truly cares about her patients and will listen to your needs. Every session with Dr. C is more than “just” an adjustment. – Alejandra F.