My output at the gym has been phenomenal.

I came to Dr. Caroline after months of rashes, hives, and breakouts from unknown origins. I was so frustrated because I had done elimination diets on my own as well as consulted with a Dermatologist and Allergist. I was left with so few answers and a feeling that all of this was food-related, but couldn’t tie the pieces together myself. After Dr. C ran the initial blood work, it was apparent that my body was full of inflammation. This was a shock to me as I am a person who “does all the right things”. I ate very healthy, exercised five to six days a week, purchased organic and natural foods and home items. After digesting the news, I was immediately ready to do whatever needed to be done to heal my insides. I started my journey to heal my gut the next week! I cannot emphasize enough that my relief was almost instant! Between the supplements and the complete removal of any well known trigger foods, my body and mind responded with vigor! My slight 5’3″ 115lb frame leaned out in a few weeks time. In the first two weeks I dropped almost seven pounds of what I can only assume was inflammation. I describe it as if someone popped a balloon around me. I was in no way overweight, but after it was gone, I realized I was carrying some kind of swelling or visible inflammation in my flesh. And you know what? MY CELLULITE DISAPPEARED!!!! What??? I have literally read books on the subject and tried all the techniques to get rid of it with no luck. Turns out my cellulite was inflammation! Fast forward to today, three months after I met Dr. C. I’ve reintroduced some foods; however, I feel too good to even bother bringing most of them back. My output at the gym has been phenomenal: doing the same class I had before, I’m burning an average of 100 additional calories without working harder! My body is just that much more efficient. I sleep like a champ, workout like a pro, and feel the best I’ve felt in so long! Thank you so much, Dr. Caroline! – Mandy E.