Took the time to listen to me and made me feel at ease.

There are so many reasons why I choose to come back time and time again to Balance Atlanta. I decided to become a patient there because I myself was in the market for a chiropractor and I thought why not give her a try. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I will never look back.

Dr. Caroline took the time to listen to me and made me feel at ease as to the control I had over my own body. I decided to get off of of birth control after over a decade of struggling with my menstrual cycle and at the very least I was worried that these issues would come back if I decided to cease the medication. I made my OBGYN aware of what I was doing and all I got was a fight and an attitude that made me feel like I was stupid for attempting to take my health in my own hands without medication. This doctor told me to call her when I decided to change my mind. 

I went under intensive care with Dr. Caroline and she walked me through the stages my body was going through once I stopped birth control. I now have no residual issues and am completely regular without drugs. I continue to see her for my chiropractic maintenance and have watched her with her patients for over a year now as I wait my turn. She is heart felt and compassionate with everyone, beaming with a smile as everyone takes their turn for adjustments. She is very honest with me and allows me to have input with my own care and I don’t feel like I am being shuffled through another doctor’s office. I have really appreciated everything she has done for me and the care I have received at Balance.