Our daughter was broken.

Since Alexandra was 18 years old, she’d been diagnosed as having treatment-resistant depression.  She’d tried 27 different medications, each with unwelcome side effects and many with little to no help. She’d been to at least three psychiatrists or therapists who made some progress, but it wasn’t sustainable.  We tried ECT and TMS, but neither of those worked, either.  When she came to you, she had trouble sleeping, had anger issues, couldn’t keep a job, and was often anxious and unable to control her emotions.  She was drowning and unable to keep her head above water.

It’s been 7 months of working with you, and she’s a different person.  She is calmer, is less angry, laughs more, is able to manage daily disruptions and difficulties better, and is more like her own self.  She just started a new job with more responsibility, and it seems to be going well.  We give you all the credit for this healing, because of what you provided for her:  A trusting, supportive, healing, and nurturing environment.  The neurofeedback has been a major help in healing her, but your kind chiropractic work also helped immensely.  Before she came to you, she wouldn’t let any physical therapist touch her body, because she’d had painful encounters before.  After three back surgeries and spinal fusions, she was in constant pain, but she wouldn’t trust a therapist.  Now, she’s in less pain, and completely trusts you to adjust her….that trust is huge!

Sandy and I thank you for giving us back our daughter.”