Pain Management Articles and Research

In more than 40 years of university-based, medical research, many thousands of research studies and articles demonstrating the effectiveness of neurofeedback for many different conditions have been published.

The following is a sample of studies and articles pertaining to pain management and neurofeedback. When you click on some of the research titles, the article may open as a PDF file in a new browser window. From here you can download the article to your computer or print it for your files.

You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view, download and print the articles. Most computers already have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your computer doesn’t, you can download a free version of the software by following the link below:

EEG Driven STIMFIBRO, Mueller

Neurofeedback Treatment for Pain, Jensen

Neurofeedback in Pain Management, Ibric

Neurofeedback and Pain fMRI, Nolen

Neurofeedback and Pain Medication, Chapin

Neurofeedback and Fibromyalgia, Esty

Neurofeedback Therapy for Fibromyalgia, Nelson

Treating Migraines without Painkillers, ABC News

Children with Migraines, Kropp

Neurofeedback for Recurrent Migraine Headaches, Walker

New Hope for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Steps Toward Developing an EEG Biofeedback Treatment for Chronic Pain

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback with 37 Migraineurs: A Clinical Outcome Study