A pregnant pharmacist asks for help…and she gets it!

I have been going to Dr. C for around 8 months now. I started when I was in my last trimester of pregnancy when my back was in its peak stiffness and ached all the time. I also had really bad sciatic nerve pain. I started going to Dr. C pretty frequently in the beginning, and I would limp in and skip out whistling! One day I had a very severe migraine with aura and couldn’t see anything. My husband drove me to see Dr. C and helped me into the building. After a couple of quick neck adjustments my vision was back to normal and the headache was almost gone! I even went to work 20 minutes after the adjustment! So now that my baby is 5 months old and my back doesn’t have another human to tug on it, I find myself still wanting to go see Dr. C all the time. I carry my stress in my shoulders, neck and of course my back, too. Every time I leave her office I feel like I’m prepared to take on whatever the world throws at me. My mind can focus better on what’s important versus the pains in my neck, shoulders, and back. I’ll never underestimate my tiredness and soreness because sometimes it’s just telling me that I need to go see Dr. C! – Tiffany A.