Premium Services Summary

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Premium Services Summary

Mind Body Soul in Balance Program

If you are ready for a one-on-one collaboration with Dr. Caroline to create a specific plan of action moving you from the current state of health to optimal achievement, peak performance training is offered to select clients. Having studied with masters from around the world for over 25 years, Dr. Caroline will share techniques that allow you to move through life as a warrior. Rather than being sidelined by stress, you will develop personal effectiveness with an awareness of breath, body, poise, preparation, intent, and courage. This is not only a journey toward balance, it is a custom-designed adventure for students, performers, parents, executives, and anyone ready to grow.

  • Mindfulness & Deep Relaxation Training
  • 30-Day Accelerator Mental/Physical Success Program
  • Dr. Caroline von Fluegge-Chen Personal Consulting 
  • Mind, Body and Soul Experience with Dr. Caroline Half Day  
  • Mind, Body and Soul Experience with Dr. Caroline Full Day
  • Balance Atlanta Retreats – All-inclusive Luxury Wellness Getaways

Academic and Athletic Achievement for Students

Several premium package clients are teenagers. Their parents value an emphasis on integrative health care, not symptom-based sick care. Perhaps the goal is to obtain an academic scholarship or a position on a high-ranking sports team. If pro athletes and celebrity performers have a team of coaches, shouldn’t your child have an all-inclusive wellness professional like Dr. Caroline to enhance optimal mental and physical abilities? Being able to “fire on all cylinders” is the difference between falling through the cracks, mediocrity, and acing exams, shaving seconds off your time, or scoring that winning goal. The Balance Atlanta experience sharpens the tools of success for students and athletes at the elite level, as well as for those who are struggling to meet expectations.

Peak Performance for Celebrities

With Atlanta being a new hub for the film and television industries, Dr. Caroline is frequently on call for celebrities. Being in top mental and physical condition is expected when the bar is set high. Chiropractic care and other wellness services are already natural components of a performer’s health regimen. While on location in Atlanta, one priority is finding a professional who offers the same level of premium care they are accustomed to at home. Balance Atlanta offers flexible appointments on short notice at the office or on-site. Where privacy and convenience are in demand, we respect the desire for top-notch service and anonymity.

Executive Health for Corporations

The pressure to succeed in the world of business is daunting. With global competition, a changing economy, shaky financial forecasts, budget cutbacks, and fewer people shouldering larger work load, it is no wonder high-stress levels are playing havoc on employees. Depression, anxiety, and poor work-life balance lead to burnout. Statistics prove unmanaged physical, emotional and mental stress eventually leads to chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Not only are we valuable lives and talent, but the corporate bottom line is also affected by the loss in productivity and skyrocketing insurance costs. Since 1998, Dr. Caroline has produced dozens of corporate wellness programs. While some events include on-site screenings and lectures, other services cater to executives who desire one-on-one premium care with Dr. Caroline where the focus is on performance, not on sickness. The corporate premium services packages can be scaled to meet a company’s budget and specific requests.