Put Out the Fire First

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Put Out the Fire First

At Balance Atlanta, most patients choose what we call Initial Intensive Care when they begin treatment. In the case of someone who has acute symptoms, the first step is to restore the body to a state of healing so the symptoms and associated inflammation subside.

Once the symptoms are under control and a patient starts feeling better, that’s when the focus turns to rebuilding the frame of the body which includes stretches, exercises, nutrition, stress management, ergonomics and more. This second phase is called Reconstructive Care.

Later on, a patient graduates to wellness care where maintenance is the priority – the body is working just fine, and you feel great…in fact, you feel better than ever. Imagine if a house is on fire. You call the fire department to extinguish the flames. Thinking about how to arrange the furniture and what color to paint the walls are not priorities. Saving the house is.

That’s what Initial Intensive Care is all about: take care of the crisis, don’t worry about the rest just yet. Imagine the house has been saved, the debris was cleaned up, and you’re ready to get your life back in order. Now it’s time to hire an interior decorator, redesign your living space, and turn your home into a peaceful environment again. This is what we would call the Reconstructive phase of care in chiropractic terms.

The foundation of your body is stable again; now let’s work on nurturing your health so that your physical home is a peaceful environment (which also then makes your emotional, spiritual and intellectual homes peaceful as well). From a health perspective, take care of the crisis first. Then concern yourself with the details of making sure a crisis never happens again. Put out the fire. Then start reconstructing.