Raising Drug-Free Families

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Raising Drug-Free Families

The statistics are staggering. Every year more than 5000 teenagers commit suicide while another 500,000 attempt to do so. Thousands of kids are killed and injured each year in an automobile accident and horrible acts of violence that are linked to drugs. Millions of kids are turning to drugs and alcohol to try to find their place in the world. What can we as parents do to make sure that our children grow up with the self worth and the values that empower them to “just say no” and use good judgment when they are out on their own?

One of my colleagues informed me of a man who he heard tell an unfortunate story with a critical message on the very issue.
This was a professional man who spent his entire adult life working hard to achieve financial success for himself the his family. He was very committed to accomplishing extraordinary things in his professional life, and he did. He owned five major companies and was worth millions of dollars.

He recently found out that this wasn’t everything. One night, after flying his personal airplane to a business meeting, he received a startling call in the middle of the night from his wife. He jumped as his wife proceeded to tell him that his daughter in law was killed in a house fire and his two grandchildren were critically injured. Stunned by the news, he flew out the next morning, after his meeting and arrived home in time to hear the doctor inform the family that both of the children had died.  Crushed by this horrible news, he couldn’t imagine things getting worse, but they did. Within just a few days, his son was arrested and charged with the crime. He is currently serving a life sentence.

This man’s message is very powerful and very sad. Imagine his pain. Imagine the questions he must have. I would wonder to myself, “did I do all I can to raise my family with the right values?” Did I do all I can to instill a value system that supported a loving home in which every person knew they were important, a value system based on love and understanding and a value system free from drugs?’

Is this the kind of home you are creating? Don’t answer this question with the spontaneous “of course” like many people thoughtlessly do. Think very carefully about whether your day to day actions match your response.

Many times, while your intention is to raise a drug free family, you are creating a drug dependent one without even realizing. You actually program drug dependency into your families behavior! What do I mean by this? How could this be? Please follow along with me for a minute without judgment and open yourself up to this information as you read on…


Think about what happens when your baby is born and he/she gets sick for the first time. If you have not educated yourself about your child’s natural immunity and how it develops, you might immediately run to your doctor in a panic to alleviate your child’s apparent suffering, at any price and give your child a drug.

As they grow up to become toddlers, they may get another cold or infection and so they won’ t “suffer”, you give them a drug. They continue to grow up and each time they complain, they don’t feel good, what do you do to make them feel better? You run to the drug store and get them an over the counter drug.

Finally, they are old enough to go to school and the teacher tells you that your child isn’t concentrating or sitting still. Rather than look for alternative ways to teach, like many good teachers do, the child is labeled hyperactive or attention deficit and given a drug, Ritalin. It is amazing that in some schools, 50% of the children are on Ritalin, while others less than 5% of the kids are on this drug that has severe side effects.

Drug companies market their products, drugs, to physicians and parents with little emphasis placed on these side effects. Ritalin, for example, includes side effects such as insomnia, appetite loss, stunted growth and suicide. Antibiotics cause digestive disturbances and create highly resistant bacteria that cause super infections which strain your immune system and are untreatable. Aspirin causes abdominal bleeding while Tylenol and Ibuprofen increase the risk of kidney disease.
Even worse than the side effects of these drugs is the message it sends. From the time they are born, your children get the message that when they feel bad they should take drugs to help them feel better. As subtle as it may seem, this behavior is conditioned. They see it every time you say “I have a headache” and choose to take a pill. Is it any wonder that when a child doesn’t make the cheerleading squad or gets dumped by their boyfriend or girlfriend, they turn to drugs to relieve pain?

You can stop the insanity that this quick fix, relief orientation causes. Millions of people already have. Last year Americans made over 100 million more visits to holistic doctors than they did to medical doctors because people everywhere are tired of taking pills and are concerned about their horrible side effects. Almost every person you talk to today has a horror story about a severe drug reaction.

People today want wellness. They know that the human body has an incredible inborn healing power that heals them from a cut. At the same time they have little faith in drugs which are harmful chemicals with unpredictable side effects. They are demanding information on how to build their body’s immune system for long term health rather than performing constant crisis care.
Chiropractic has led the way for these people by providing incredible results, information, scientific validation and research material on how to restore the body to optimum health and keep it that way. Thousands of families receive ongoing Chiropractic Wellness Care and have practically eliminated medical expenses because they are healthier now than ever before. These people have turned their medicine chests into bathroom cabinets because they no longer use drugs.


These are people who are suffering from every disease you can name from cancer to Crohn’s disease, from asthma to menstrual problems. While Chiropractic doesn’t treat these conditions, it allows the body to return to normal function so that it has the best opportunity to heal itself. Many of these people are perfectly healthy and are just looking to get to the next level.

One patient, in particular, had such severe menstrual problems, she had to completely get away from people every month and check into a hotel. Within 90 days of getting Chiropractic care, her body chemistry balanced itself out and her hormonal rages were gone. Another woman with a severe intestinal disorder couldn’t leave the house because of her condition. She was scheduled for surgery because she was dying. As a last resort, she tried Chiropractic. Her bodies Innate healing ability took over and she cancelled the surgery. One month later, she was in Europe with her children. Her entire family now receives ongoing Chiropractic Wellness Care.

People are seeking out Chiropractic care for superior performance also. Olympic and professional athletes receive Chiropractic Wellness Care to help them get the most out of their training and enhance their performance.
Children who used to get sick all the time and be on constant medication are now getting Chiropractic Wellness Care with their families and they are truly healthy and drug free. Think about the difference in the message your kids are receiving with these two different approaches.

The old system says, “I’m sorry you feel bad. Your body is weak and you need these drugs to be well.” Wellness, on the other hand says, “your body is strong and has the ability to heal itself. Let’s remove the interference so you can get well on your own. You can trust your body.”

Children that grow up in wellness, grow up believing in themselves and are independent from drugs. Families that receive Chiropractic Wellness Care are sharing healthy times and perpetuating healthy values. Kids run into Chiropractic offices and can’t wait to get on the table for their adjustments. They are much healthier for it.

Give yourself and your family every opportunity to live the healthiest life possible. A drug free life! Empower them to believe in their own inner strength, healing capacity and their unlimited human potential. If it works for millions of others, why wouldn’t it work for you? Are you alive? Are you breathing? It will work for you, once you make the commitment!

(Courtesy of www.ChiroTips.com)