She actually pays attention to my body.

After growing up in a family full of chiropractors, I don’t need to be told what the advantages are for having regular chiropractic care.  But after living in Atlanta for almost 11 years, I had struggled to find a Dr that I trusted and knew was helping me.  I am currently 9 months pregnant with my first child and needless to say, all of my past injuries, back and hip problems literally tripled overnight.  

I found Dr Caroline when looking for a chiropractor that worked well with babies for reflux and other issues (for another friend).  Once my serious pregnancy pain started, I realized I wasn’t taking my own advice!  So, I started seeing Dr Caroline and by that point, my pelvis and low back were making just walking and lying down extremely difficult.  Now, here I am in month 9 and I know she has saved me and is the only reason I am still up and moving around.  Her technique is super gentle, but the most effective I’ve ever had….and that’s saying a lot coming from me.  She takes the time to actually feel your alignment every single time I go and work on those specific areas.  If you’ve been around other chiropractors, you know what I’m talking about.  They come in and do the same 2-3 moves, charge your card and your leave.  Not here!  She actually pays attention to my body.  And you can see this when you go into her office.  The array of ages and people she sees tells you how much all of her patients trust her.  The atmosphere is so relaxed and everyone there has been coming for years…or at least it seems that way!  

I can’t say enough about her…she truly has rescued me during this pregnancy.  She is great for anyone with injuries of any kind (down to your feet), expectant moms, children, and even your smallest baby.  If you are still looking for a chiropractor you believe in, you should definitely give her a try!! – Erin M.