She sees the bigger picture, and genuinely wants to help.

Doctor Caroline is someone who genuinely cares about her patients and is truly passionate about what she is doing. She sees the bigger picture, and genuinely wants to help people as much as she possibly can whether it be in the form of a mentor, doctor, or even advice-giving friend. To ensure timely improvement, she holds not only the patient (whether it be an at home exercise or stretch) but also herself accountable to make sure the patient is feeling better. She is one of those people who really sees how everything fits together, can easily pinpoint what needs to affect what or what changes should be employed to make the whole system running better, whether it be a change in diet, posture, habits, or attitude. The day is yet to come before I meet somebody who knows this much about a healthy body and lifestyle. I have been seeing her for several months now for corrective care and will continue to do so, because with each appointment I feel better. – Sarah A.