I bring my children in as often as possible.

I originally came to Balance Atlanta in 2002 because I had been told that my hip was out of alignment. Dr. C acknowledged that, but also found that my back and shoulders needed adjustment even more because of the amount of time I spent hunched over my desk. I have been seeing Dr. C for 13 years now and find the adjustments just as valuable now as I did then.

Each week I sit at my desk and try to keep good posture, but by the end of a seven hour day period, my neck and shoulders hurt. After an adjustment the aches and pains in my neck and shoulder go away. I wish I had met Dr. C while I was pregnant. I had sciatica with both pregnancies, and I think her adjustments would have relieved some of that pressure.

I bring my children in as often as possible. The backpack my daughter carries in middle school is half her weight! Dr. C has seen my children grow from toddlers to teenagers. She’s more like Aunt Caroline than a doctor. If you are looking for a family chiropractor, Dr. C will treat your family like her own