Vinings Lifestyle Magazine – Meet Dr. Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Vinings Lifestyle Magazine – Meet Dr. Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Dr. Caroline von Fluegge-Chen never did anything by the book. She married late in life, changed careers after a cross country bike trip and spends some of her free time with Love Has No Color, a group that helps children on a Native American reservation in Montana.

And, in between all of that, she is the head of Balance Atlanta, a Buckhead chiropractic office where she practices a three-avenue method of treatment. She corrects structural health, performs Brain Core Therapy that treats the symptoms of ADHD, insomnia and other issues, and practices Functional Medicine that restores balance to the chemical bio-markers pertaining to hormonal, gastrointestinal, immunological, cardiovascular and stress-response health.

She also has a soft spot for helping teens overcome anxiety and stress. “Kids are struggling and they have so many challenges academically and socially. How do we raise kids to be healthy, confident balanced adults? We can do it with a wellness program.”

Part of her interest in teen health stems from watching her stepdaughter, Willow, and her friends navigate the path to adulthood.

The tight-knit family lives in Vinings. “I love Vinings; I’ve been here since 2001. It has a small-town feel but you have SOHO, Mellow Mushroom, NY Exchange, Banana Republic, Ann Tylor and Barnes & Noble. You can be downtown or up to the mountains easily.”

She is often found walking her adorable dog, Louie. “I went to a dog expo and he was with a rescue group sitting in a cage eating a Chic-fil-A waffle fry. I knew I had to have that dog.” Their cat, Comet, was found on the Silver Comet Trail, a place they frequently hike.

In between work and her recreational life, she travels, a habit she developed living overseas as a child. She also loves bike rides, trains for local 10K races, takes spinning classes at FlyWheel, swims at LifeTime Fitness and takes art classes “for no other reason than to get messy, creative and turn off the thinking part of my brain.”

She credits her parents for her “go for the gusto” lifestyle. Her father’s advice was to get a good education, a job that pays the bills and make a difference. Her other life lesson came after her mother was diagnosed with lymphoma.

“How do you go from being fine and gone six weeks later? I wanted to understand how bodies work and how to create health.”

Adding,  “I love what I do – helping people become healthier, finding mental and physical balance. I like the challenge. I am not afraid of change, challenges or stretching myself.”

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