Wellness Instructors from Mind Body Green Site

MindBodyGreen is an amazing website for all things related to mental and physical health – great articles, excellent tips, interesting video courses, and much more. Here is a list of some of their contributing authors.

Yogi Cameron – Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda

Heather White – Know your environment. Protect your health.

Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise – Eat clean. Eat whole.

Emily Fletcher – Do less. Accomplish more.

Todd McCullough – Show up. Work hard. Live inspired.

Dr. William Cole – The future of natural healthcare.

Dr. Terry Wahls – An integrative approach to healing.

Tara Stiles – Yoga Rebel.

Dr. Stephen Cowan – In-depth holistic developmental evaluations.

Sheryl Paul – Conscious Transitions.

Dr. Sara Gottfried – At home in your body, at last.

Dr. Robin Berzin – You are what you eat. 

Shelly Bullard – Love Guru.

Dr. Lissa Rankin – Mind over medicine.

Shannon Kaiser – Happiness Guru.

Dr. Leslie Carr – Stop thinking. Just live.

Sadie Lincoln – Wellness expert and founder of barre3.

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary – Ignite the real you

Rich Roll – The Plantpower way. 

Dr. Joel Kahn  America’s Holistic Heart Doctor.

Phoebe Lapine – Health, hedonism.

Dr. Frank Lipman – The voice of sustainable wellness.

Pete Evans – Food is medicine.

Dr. Carrie Diulus – Surgeon with a holistic approach.

Michael Taylor – Get ready to move!! 

Dr. Amy Shah – Life is short; live it well.

Megan Bruneau – We’re all in this together.

Dawna Stone – The healthy you diet.

Lauren Imparato – Rest to rage. Meditate to work. Cleanse to get dirty.

Kerry Bajaj – Health and fitness coaching

Dana James – Food. Mind. Functional Medicine.

Julie Piatt – Food, song + wisdom on the altar.

Dana Claudat – Every day Feng Shui.

John Kim – Embrace your story.

Charlie Knoles – Meditation. Sustainability. Living well

Joe Cross – Juicing for weight loss.

Ben Greenfield – Get fit & strong. Fast.

Jennifer Grace – Get unstuck.

Alex Thomopoulos – Food and laughter go hand and hand.