You Can’t Make Babies if Your Mind is on Fire

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

You Can’t Make Babies if Your Mind is on Fire

Clarissa, in her own words, was a “hot mess of stress.” On the outside, she looks like an accomplished business woman. Internally, however, she was falling apart. The demons of panic attacks and anxiety were raging fiercely. In frustration Clarissa lamented, “I used to be so happy. I don’t know what happened to the old me. I hate myself now.”

For over ten years, she has been trying to get pregnant. The fertility doctors told her that there was nothing physically wrong with her (or with her spouse). As with any patient, I take the stand: I am not treating symptoms. My only goal is to clear the stress from the nerve system. The brain controls hormones. Hormones control moods and fertility. The wisdom of nature knows producing offspring in times of stress is not a good idea. So, if we can get your mind and body in a state of peace and quiet, perhaps making babies will come easier.

After four months of chiropractic care, Clarissa sent me an e-mail with the following bullet points: I feel lighter and happier. I have noticed a marked improvement in my depression. I don’t feel as encumbered about work. I don’t ruminate about everything. I sleep better and harder. My mind doesn’t race. It takes a lot more pushing for me to get angry. I don’t raise my voice as quickly or as often. I don’t stir up trouble in my mind or in relationships when I am frustrated. I also wanted to let you know, Dr. Caroline, that I am 8-weeks pregnant!!!!!!

Thank you for believing in me and for teaching me about what chiropractic is truly all about. I mistook you for merely a back doctor. You opened my eyes to the importance chiropractic plays in creating and maintaining mental as well as physical balance. I owe you a lot!