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June 2018

Memory Loss Articles & Research

Published: June 19, 2018   |   Category: Research   |   Service:

Neurofeedback and Cognitive Performance, Sauseng

Memory and Aging

Neurofeedback Training for Better Memory, Imperial College

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Improved Cognition in Elderly

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Effect of Beta and Gamma Neurofeedback on Memory and Intelligence in the Elderly

Research on Neurofeedback Training Proves to Improve Attention, Working Memory Performance

Neuroplasticity: Think and Grow Young?

Are We Stuck With the Brains We’re Born With?

Neurofeedback for Cognitive Decline Prevention and Treatment

Peak Performance Articles and Research

Published: June 16, 2018   |   Category: Research   |   Service:

Optimizing Surgical Skills with Neurofeedback, Ros

5 Reasons Why Neurofeedback is The Breakfast of Olympic Champions

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins Sought Help to Make His Brain Perform Better

Neurofeedback Training May Enhance Athletic Performance

5 Ways Neurofeedback Improves Sports Performance

Training Can Calm Mind, Boost Focus

NBA Star Uses Neurofeedback to Help His Game and His Life

LA Clippers Kaman Recalls Childhood Frustrations, Gets Help with Neurofeedback, LA Times

Neurofeedback Improves Musical Performance, Egner

Journal of the American Board of Sport Psychology, Hammond

General Neurofeedback and Peak Performance, Adams

Efficacy of Neurofeedback for Peak Performance, Vernon

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Cellist Achieves Optimum Performance through Neurofeedback, Science Daily