He considers Dr. Caroline as a crucial member of his wellness team.

Marc plays right wing for the NHL Minnesota Wild. When visiting friends in Atlanta, he never misses an adjustment at Balance Atlanta. In fact, having suffered the consequences of multiple head injuries, it was intensive chiropractic care under the care of Dr. Caroline’s mentor, Dr. Kevin Pallis, that Marc successfully made it through some of the darkest days of his life to becoming a sought after NHL player. It is for this reason that he entrusts very few people with the health of his central nerve system and he considers Dr. Caroline as a crucial member of his wellness team. As one of two chiropractic consultants for the NHL Thrashers while they were in Atlanta, Dr. C is well versed in the chiropractic needs of professional hockey players where speed, agility and the need to make quick comebacks after injury are essential to being a pro. This is a picture of Marc on one of our trips to the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, MT as our chiropractic group visits the reservation for Love Has No Color. While at Princeton University, Marc wrote a thesis about the plight of the Native Americans in the 21st century. Marc is not only a big advocate of chiropractic, but a supporter of helping the children on the reservation find possibility to succeed despite the dire circumstances in which they live.